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08.26  Dragon Age Origins Multi
08.25  Risen 3: Titan Lords PC
08.05  Rogue Legacy PS4
08.05  Sacred 3 PC
08.02  Divinity: Original Sin PC
07.28  Unrest Multi
07.23  Maple Story: Girl of Fate 3DS
07.22  Squids Odyssey 3DS

08.22  Natural Doctrine (Impression) Multi
08.19  Sword Art Online: Hollow Fragment (Impression) Vita
08.19  Monster Hunter 4 (Impression) 3DS
08.14  Monster Freedom Unite for iOS (Impression) iOS
08.05  Dragon Quest VII Remake (Impression) 3DS
08.04  Fantasy Life (Impression) 3DS
08.04  Disgaea 4: A Promise Revisited (Impression) Vita
07.21  Sunless Sea (Impression) PC
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Sep  Sunless Sea
09.03  Gauntlet
09.09  Destiny
09.16  Fairy Fencer F
09.19  Wasteland 2
09.23  Ar Nosurge: Ode to an Unborn Star
09.23  Natural Doctrine
10.14  Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel
10.24  Fantasy Life
10.28  Freedom Wars

08.26  Hyperdimension Neptunia Re;Birth1
08.22  Helen's Mysterious Castle
08.19  Diablo III
08.19  Sword Art Online: Hollow Fragment
08.19  Tales of Xillia 2
08.14  King's Bounty: Dark Side
08.12  Disgaea 4: A Promise Revisited
08.12  Risen 3: Titan Lords
08.05  Sacred 3
08.04  Rime Berta


Review - Risen 3: Titan Lords
Rise from your grave to unite mage pirates, demon hunter pirates, voodoo pirates, and pirate pirates in a game that might also have titan lords in it, but mostly has pirates. Homi nix like dingi, yip yip? Nope, nope.  08.25 10:53
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Risen 3: Titan Lords
Retroview - Dragon Age Origins
Get ready to talk and kill your way across the nation of Ferelden in a BioWare title with plenty of information to digest. Doing so is certain to prompt some amusing conversations and situations.   08.26 18:57
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Dragon Age Origins
Adapt to Survive in Natural Doctrine's Latest Trailer
Natural selection does not necessarily mean only the strongest survive; it's the ones best adapted to the situation that do. Fighting in packs and changing the environment are just some examples in NIS America's upcoming SRPG.  08.26 07:58
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Natural Doctrine
Episode 7: Time and Criticism March On - Active Topical Banter
As gamers get older we begin insisting the youth of today play the games that mattered way back when, but this doesn't seem to work out all that well for RPGamers. Your hosts investigate the nature of this conundrum.  08.25 11:54
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Active Topical Banter Show
Impression - Natural Doctrine
Natural Doctrine might not be on your radar yet, but that could be about to change. This game takes the tactical RPG arena and twists things up a bit.  08.22 11:38
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Natural Doctrine
RPGCast - Episode 318: "Poor Translations"
A winner is you! You won't feel asleep as you listen to this week's show. As we prep for PAX, Alex tells us about Sword Art Online. Anna pushes some Squids around. Cassandra clocks some Devils. Chris...well...Chris just plays more WoW. For great justice!  08.23 11:04
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Path of Exile Receives an Expansion
Players of Grinding Gear Games' Path of Exile now have some fresh content to sink their teeth into following this expansion's release. Will it be able to draw a certain RPGamer reviewer back into its galaxy of skills?  08.22 12:27
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Muramasa Rebirth Ends Up in Hell Anyway
While parentage can often stand in the way of love, former monk Seikichi probably wasn't expecting it to have this effect. RPGamers will be able to find out what happens to him in the last part of Muramasa Rebirth's Gunroku Legends, arriving next month.  08.22 12:26
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Natsume Reveals Alphadia Genesis' Main Cast
Kemco RPGs already have a good presence on mobile platforms, but they're always on lookout for other platforms to spread to. Check inside for some details on this upcoming Wii U release's cast and setting.  08.22 12:25
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Explore Helen's Mysterious Castle
A new Japanese indie RPG is available on Playism this week. Join Helen in uncovering the secrets of her island's mysterious castle.  08.21 11:40
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Wasteland 2 Release Date Announced
It's been a quarter of a century coming, but Wasteland's sequel is almost here. In less than a month, inXile Entertainment's entry will join in this year's resurgence of cRPGs.  08.21 10:40
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Sony Unveils More Bloodborne Gameplay
The original Gamescom trailer for Bloodborne only showed some brief snippets of its gameplay demo. However, Sony has now released an extended version showing the full six minutes of in-game action.  08.21 10:38
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Impression - Sword Art Online: Hollow Fragment
Namco Bandai hopes to provide a faux-MMO experience on the Vita with this title, based on the popular novel and anime series, which is launching in North America today. Our reviewer is here to provide his early impressions of the title.  08.19 09:41
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Import Impression - Monster Hunter 4
With Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate headed West next year, we take a look at the original version. Find out if this hunt seems like a promising event in which to participate.  08.19 21:49
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Tales of Xillia 2 Launch Trailer Counts Towards the Release
Many North American RPGamers will already be enjoying Tales of Xillia 2. Meanwhile, those in Europe or otherwise yet to pick it up can further their excitement for the title with this launch trailer.  08.20 07:39
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More Witcher 3 Gameplay Showcased
Those looking forward to the continuation of Geralt of Rivia's adventures but needing something to help whet their appetites will want to check out the latest video from CD Projekt RED. Join Senior Level Designer Peter Gelencser as he takes Geralt to Novigrad on his search for an ashen-haired woman.  08.20 07:38
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Easy Lover - RPG Elements
In the latest issue of Elements, special guests Michael Cunningham and Sam Marchello review two special books for us. We also take an early look at the XCOM board game. Check it out!  08.19 18:08
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Freedom Wars to Begin Late October
Sony has finally announced the date when the fight against the Abductors will come to North America and Europe. Players will be able to start reducing their one-million-year sentence in a little over two months.  08.19 10:56
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Episode 125: How Many Dragons in an Age? - RPG Backtrack
The start of BioWare's ongoing series brought a lot of thoughts to the surface. Some are profound and challenging, others lewd and depraved, with plenty occupying some kind of middle ground in this episode.   08.18 22:41
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Impression - Monster Hunter Freedom Unite for iOS
One of the PSP's biggest games is back, this time in iOS form. Now that you can play Monster Hunter Freedom Unite on your phone or tablet, the question is should you? Check out our impression to find out.   08.14 12:47
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