Match #2: Which battle system do you prefer?
Final Fantasy X-2
The World Ends With You
04.22  Arc the Lad II PS1
04.21  XCOM: Enemy Within Xbox 360
04.15  Dark Souls II Multi
04.09  Knight & Baby (Guardian's Crusade) PS1
04.07  Fallout 2 PC
03.28  Atelier Elie: Alchemist of Salburg 2 psx
03.24  The Witch and the Hundred Knight PS3
03.12  Might and Magic X: Legacy PC

04.02  The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing II (Impression) PC
03.25  Mind Zero (Preview) Vita
03.19  Shin Megami Tensei iOS (Impression) iOS
03.18  Final Fantasty X|X-2 HD (Impression) vita
02.19  Bound by Flame (Preview) Multi
02.10  The Elder Scrolls Online (Impression) Multi
01.14  Dark Souls II (Preview) Multi
12.18  Blood Knights (Impression) PS3
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04.30  Child of Light
05.09  Bound by Flame
05.13  Borderlands 2
05.20  Drakengard 3
05.20  Transistor
05.21  Always Sometimes Monsters
05.22  The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing II
05.27  Mind Zero
Jun  The Elder Scrolls Online
Aug  Risen 3: Titan Lords

04.22  Demon Gaze
04.15  Conception II: Children of the Seven Stars
04.14  Final Fantasy XIV
04.04  Half-Minute Hero: The Second Coming
04.04  The Elder Scrolls Online
04.02  Boot Hill Heroes
04.01  Ragnarok Odyssey ACE
04.01  Steel & Steam: Episode 1
03.25  The Witch and the Hundred Knight
03.18  Final Fantasy X|X-2 HD Remaster


PAX East Impressions
Wheels was able to investigate the goings-on at PAX East and rolled back out with some impressions from the RPGs on show. Check inside for reports on Child of Light, Shards Online, Diablo III PS4, Y II K, and EverQuest Next.  04.22 13:20
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PAX East
Hung Up on Semantics - Currents
Currents returns as we discuss the difference between sold-in sales and units sold, how the Wii U isn't like the Dreamcast (yet), Sony's sale of Square Enix stock, and numerous career changes by notable developers. We also have a few questions for you.  04.23 11:53
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Sword Art Online: Hollow Fragment Heads West
You may not be familiar with the anime, but that isn't going to stop Bandai Namco from releasing the latest Sword Art Online game. Thankfully you can play offline, despite the name.  04.23 07:02
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Sword Art Online: Hollow Fragment
Interview - Bill Stiernberg
From Breath of Death VII to the upcoming espionage RPG Cosmic Star Heroine, Bill Stiernberg of Zeboyd Games has developed some unique indie games. We sit down with Bill and discuss indie game development, Cosmic Star Heroine, and the games industry.  04.20 20:18
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Zeboyd Games
Retroview - Arc the Lad II
Most lads aren't wanted by dangerous megalomaniacs seeking world conquest, but Arc is unique. His second game is a much more varied experience than the first, and worth seeking out by the tactical audience.  04.22 20:30
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Arc the Lad II
Suikoden II May Finally Come to PSN
Greedy eBayers should tremble in fear, as Suikoden II may finally be arriving on the PlayStation Network. Suikoden fans, on the other hand, can prepare to party like it's 1999.  04.22 12:45
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New Trailer for Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate
A new documentary about the brave men and women who hunt the wild Monoblos has been released. The footage may be intended for Japanese audiences, but the meaning of "ROOOAAAAARRRRR" is universal.  04.22 11:46
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Tales of Xillia 2 Collector's Edition Revealed
That Milla statue looking lonely on your shelf? Bandai Namco has heard your call, and another is on its way.  04.22 11:21
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Etrian Odyssey Untold Demo Available in Europe
The Millennium Girl has almost completed her rounds, with Europe preparing to receive her shortly. Until then, RPGamers in the region can download a demo of what to expect when she arrives.  04.22 11:10
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Everyone Expects the Dragon Age: Inquisition
Now we know exactly when to expect it, too. Settle into your comfy chair and check out the game's release date and newest trailer.  04.22 08:54
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Review - XCOM: Enemy Within
Sometimes when dead franchises come back the process creates something of monster of the original IP. In this case, Firaxis has done a careful job of resurrecting the best bits with only a few off-kilter replacement parts needed.   04.21 14:57
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Active Topical Banter - Episode 3: State of the Pocket
In this episode our intrepid crew tackles the East/West divide, the phone/dedicated gaming device divide and the environment. Also debuting, the feedback segment (with prizes).  04.21 13:38
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Kickstarter Check-In - Pixel Noir
Hard-boiled detective RPGs are hard to come by, but SWDTech Games is hoping to make this dream a reality. Become a private eye, solve the case, live vicariously through your hallucinations, and help fund the Kickstarter.  04.21 11:29
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The Trouble with Expectations - Editorials
Often what we expect and what we get are two different things. It's best if we can find a middle ground between having high expectations and not having any at all.  04.21 08:48
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Rogue Legacy Hacking Its Way to PlayStation Platforms
Popular PC roguelike, Rogue Legacy, is making its way to PlayStation platforms. Check out what creator, Teddy Lee has to say about his indie darling.  04.21 10:36
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5 Screens - EverQuest Next
EverQuest Next is doing some interesting things involving user-generated content. Here's a glimpse of what is possible in Landmark.  04.21 11:41
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Tales of Hearts R Coming West This Year
Mr. Hideo Baba and his impressive collection of swag would like to announce that Tales of Hearts R is coming West. It may not be the version Wheels wants, but perhaps it's the version he deserves.  04.21 08:56
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RPGamer's Battle System Battle Royale
The Battle Royale begins on Monday. Who will win? Will we have a Cinderella story? All that and more drama when Round One starts next week.  04.17 07:26
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RPGCast - Episode 302: "Go Buy A Coat"
Michael Apps joins us to talk Landmark, Child of Light, Diablo 3 PS4, and Kawazu. Anna tells us whether she prefers sequels. Chris just plays more Diablo 3. Manny teaches us about the importance of nuclear deterrence for babies. And poor Alex has to play Conception II.  04.19 16:52
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Fictional Roleplaying - Feature
RPGamer's staff librarian-in-training is here with some reader's advisory recommendations. Get ready to add to your to-be-read pile. Did I mention mine is over four hundred books?  04.17 12:43
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