Which platform will have the best RPG lineup in 2017?
Xbox One
04.24  Exstetra 3DS
04.20  Persona 5 PS4
04.19  The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Switch
04.04  Tyranny PC
04.04  Story of Seasons: A Trio of Towns 3DS
04.03  Mass Effect: Andromeda PS4
03.20  Touhou Genso Wanderer ps4
03.20  Momodora: Reverie Under the Moonlight ps4

04.04  Persona 5 (Impression & Tips) 3DS
03.20  Mass Effect: Andromeda (Impression) PS4
03.07  Earthlock: Festival of Magic (Deep Look) PS4
01.31  Quote (Early Access Impression) PC
01.11  Adventure Labyrinth Story (Deep Look) 3DS
12.23  Expeditions: Viking (Alpha Impression) PC
12.09  Divinity: Original Sin II (Early Access Impression) win
11.19  Super Dungeon Bros (Deep Look) PS4
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04.27  Expeditions: Viking
05.02  Caligula
05.03  Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky The 3rd
05.16  Akiba's Beat
05.16  Operation Babel: New Tokyo Legacy
05.19  Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia
05.23  Disgaea 5
05.23  Summon Night 6: Lost Borders
05.23  Utawarerumono: Mask of Deception
05.30  Ys Origin

04.25  Dragon Quest Heroes II
04.18  Shiness
04.11  Cosmic Star Heroine
04.11  Planescape: Torment: Enhanced Edition
04.04  Persona 5
03.28  Has-Been Heroes
03.28  Heroes of the Monkey Tavern
03.28  Salt and Sanctuary
03.27  Operation Abyss: New Tokyo Legacy
03.21  Mass Effect: Andromeda


Import Review - Exstetra
With all the awesome reviews lately, it would seem like the gaming scene is all hugs and love these days. Leave it to FuRyu to provide the kiss of death in the form of an innocuous little game.  04.24 12:43
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Exstetra Import Review
Fire Emblem Echoes Provides a Class in Strategy
With Fire Emblem Echoes out in Japan, RPGamers in North America and Europe wait another few weeks to join the fray. Nintendo has a new trailer to help prepare them for action.  04.24 20:11
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Fire Emblem Echoes
Two Worlds II Returns Next Month
After six years, Two Worlds II is getting some unexpected new content. Call of the Tenebrae will be available as DLC and as a stand-alone download.  04.24 20:10
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Two Worlds II
AereA Gets a June Release Date
AereA is a music-themed action RPG coming soon to PC and consoles. The game recently received a release date as well as a reveal of who is working on its soundtrack.  04.24 20:09
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Review - Persona 5
Do you believe in the Phantom Thieves? Are the Phantom Thieves just? Are the Phantom Thieves innocent? Do the Phantom Thieves really exist? The public won't always be on their side in Persona 5, but that won't stop them from taking your heart.  04.20 21:03
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Persona 5
RPGCast - Episode 422: "Ys: The Next Generation"
It's four two two on 4/22. Can you feel the synergy? No? Listen, it's a slow news week so we need you to work with us here. We literally have a story about a patch. Also we developed a new Kirby spin off with demon negotiation.'s a slow week.  04.22 18:35
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Mac's Final Fantasy 30th Anniversary Journey - Issue 15
This week's adventure sees Zidane and crew venturing to the Outer Continent. Final Fantasy IX's second disc hits some high points and low points of the game.  04.21 18:54
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Hakoniwa Company Works Opens in Japan This July
Nippon Ichi Software is jumping on the crafting RPG bandwagon with Hakoniwa Company Works. The game is coming to PS4 in Japan this July.  04.21 18:23
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Akiba's Beat Receives Story Trailer
Akiba's Beat is just a few weeks away from release in North America and Europe. A new story trailer examines the game's blurring of reality and delusion.  04.21 18:22
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Indie Update: Sixth Edition
RPGamer's indie update column returns for its sixth edition of 2017. Five games appear in this column: Druidstone, Sonny, Tanzia, MidBoss, and Fort Triumph.  04.21 18:22
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Review - The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild
The latest Zelda game has arrived as a launch title for Nintendo's new console and it's about time. Find within if we think it's divine or a calamity.  04.19 03:45
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The Surge Gets in a Fight
The Exo-suits have been rigged and the machines are out of control. It's finally time to see an almost-finished example of The Surge's combat in action.  04.21 11:58
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Two New Characters Highlighted for Digimon Story
Cyber Sleuth Hacker's Memory is still a ways off, especially for English-speakers, but that doesn't stop new screenshots from appearing. Two new characters also make their debut.  04.21 11:57
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More Familiar Faces in Trails of Cold Steel III
Recent updates for Trails of Cold Steel III introduced five characters, two of whom will be familiar to players. As before, those yet to play the previous game should beware of potential spoilers.  04.20 18:44
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Code Vein Brings Thorns of Judgment Worldwide in 2018
A new RPG from the team behind God Eater is coming. RPGamers worldwide can assist the Revenants in their quest for survival next year.  04.20 09:42
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Fire Emblem Echoes Opens in Japan
Fire Emblem Echoes is out now in Japan. Though we have one more month to wait in North America and Europe, we can at least check out the game's opening movie.  04.20 18:43
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Console and Handheld Digital Store Update
It's a quieter week in North America and Europe, with Shiness: The Lightning Kingdom being the only shared new game of note. Cosmic Star Heroine also arrives on PS4 in Europe after hitting North America last week.  04.20 18:43
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Shiness Launches in North America, Europe
Enigami's fighting RPG is now out. Players can queue it up for download now and naturally there's a launch trailer to watch while it's doing so.  04.19 17:33
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God Wars Details Its Job System
God Wars heads to North America and Europe this June. NIS America recently updated the game's website to give preparing players an overview of its job system.  04.19 17:30
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Dark Rose Valkyrie Blooms in June
The release date for Dark Rose Valkyrie in North America and Europe is now known. The news comes with a few new screenshots and a website update.  04.18 13:55
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