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07.06  Pillars of Eternity PC
06.30  Swords & Darkness 3DS
06.30  Deus Ex: Invisible War PC
06.29  Xenoblade Chronicles 3D 3DS
06.29  Quest for Glory III: Wages of War PC
06.27  End of Serenity PSP
06.24  Destiny Links PC
06.24  Quest for Glory II: Trial by Fire PSX

07.02  Lost Dimension (Impression) Vita
06.22  Dragon Age: Inquisition: Jaws of Hakkon (DLC Impression) PS4
06.03  Dragon Quest Heroes (Import Impression) PS4
05.31  Operation Abyss: New Tokyo Legacy (Impression) Vita
05.11  Moon Hunters (Impression) Multi
05.01  Crayon Chronicles (Impression) PC
03.16  Final Fantasy Type-0 HD (Impression) multi
03.11  Final Fantasy XV: Episode Duscae (Impression) Multi
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07.14  Guild of Dungeoneering
07.24  Victor Vran
07.28  Kyn
07.28  Lost Dimension
07.28  Sword Art Online: Hollow Fragment
08.04  Etrian Odyssey 2 Untold: The Fafnir Knight
08.18  Dungeon Travelers 2: The Royal Library & the Monster Seal
08.21  LBX: Little Battlers eXperience
Sep  Might & Magic Heroes VII
Sep  The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing: Final Cut

07.02  Ar nosurge Plus: Ode to an Unborn Star
07.02  Legends of Eisenwald
Jul  Amber Throne
06.30  Hyperdimension Neptunia Re;Birth3 V Century
06.26  Toukiden Kiwami
06.23  Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward
06.11  Swords & Darkness
06.09  Operation Abyss: New Tokyo Legacy
06.09  The Elder Scrolls Online
06.02  Class of Heroes 2G


Review - Pillars of Eternity
In Pillars of Eternity, players discover a new fantasy world, a nefarious plot and their own backgrounds. All of this newness is, however, wrapped in a very familiar package for us cranky, old PC gamers.  07.06 18:22
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Pillars of Eternity
Retroview - Quest for Glory IV: Shadows of Darkness
If thou shadows hast offended, be fleet of feet lest thee be rended. May it be thou but slumber here, eternally gripped in darkest fear. And this weak and idle theme of Hero not yet apprehended, should sneaking and connivingly find treasure not so well defended.  07.07 23:57
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Quest for Glory IV
Seraph of the End Rises on Vita
Dark fantasy series Seraph of the End is the latest multimedia title in Japan to get its own RPG. The Origin of Fate is set to be make its mark on Vita later this year.  07.07 13:54
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Seraph of the End
Latest 7th Dragon Gets a Trailer
Despite the closure of its original developer, 7th Dragon is returning for one more outing. We now have a debut trailer to go with its initial announcment.  07.07 13:54
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7th Dragon III
Kickstart My Heart - Active Topical Banter
'Power to the people' meets 'Shut up and take my money' as we go through the ins and outs of gamerdom and crowdfunding.  07.06 17:01
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Active Topical Banter Show
Lab Zero Announces Indivisible
Lab Zero Games, developer of Skullgirls, has a new RPG project titled Indivisible. Get a quick introduction to Ajna before she arrives properly on Indiegogo some time in the future.   07.06 17:39
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RPGamer <3s #JRPGJuly
The RPGamer Staff is thrilled to announce it's support and participation in #JRPGJuly. Find out which staff members are participating and what they are playing for the month.  07.03 23:45
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Episode 146: The White Knight on His Chronicles - RPG Backtrack
The PlayStation 3 hosted a short-lived series that does not feature Level 5 firing on all cylinders. Talking about this interesting experiment nevertheless makes for an entertaining episode.  07.05 02:41
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Adobencha Taimu - Japandemonium
Who needs rockets and firecrackers when you can have volcanoes and typhoons? With a backdrop like Hi no Kuni, every day can be an adventure. Let's just hope it remains in the realm of the hypothetical, though.  07.04 15:54
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Impression - Lost Dimension
When trying to prevent the world's destruction with a group of strangers, what could be more helpful than the knowledge that there's a traitor amongst them? At least we can give some warning of what is to come when RPGamers soon venture into the Lost Dimension.  07.02 16:00
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Graphic Content - RPG Elements
Warning. This column contains graphic content. Readers should be advised that contained within are two comic book reviews and one FFXIV art book review. Proceed at your own risk.   07.03 17:55
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Sword Coast Legends Masters a Dungeon
The Sword Coast Legends developers have released some video footage of the E3 demo focusing on its DM mode. Thankfully this video features a professional dungeon master and not the horse-obsessed Chris Privitere.  07.03 18:48
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Nordic Games and Piranha Bytes Team Up for ELEX
Making a game with an acronym for a title can offer some good opportunities for fun marketing. However, we'd advise that developers pick letters that don't appear to require a thesaurus.  07.03 18:48
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Victor Vran Leaving Early Access
Victor Vran has spent quite a while getting ready to take on the forces of darkness, but later this month he'll finally be ready. RPGamers can see what's coming with the full release as well as a new trailer.  07.03 16:38
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Legends of Eisenwald Out Now
While most fantasy RPGs take place in a fantasy world, Legends of Eisenwald's old Germany is not quite the fantasy most are used to. That world is now fully ready to explore, with the game leaving Early Access this week.  07.03 16:37
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Digimon's Cyber Sleuth Investigates America
Yet more news from Bandai Namco this week, only this time from the Anime Expo in Los Angeles where there's some crime that needs investigation. Fortunately, there's a group of digital champions ready to take up the cause.  07.03 12:38
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Sword Art Online Puts on an Exhibition
Bandai Namco's appearance in Paris for Japan Expo has been good for RPGamers, with news and media for a number of JRPGs. Here we've got a media update for both of the company's upcoming Sword Art Online releases, as well as a confirmed release date for one of them.  07.03 12:37
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Project X Zone 2 Gets New Media, Delay
In case you didn't already realise, Project X Zone 2 has a lot of characters. However, it seems that getting such a large cast under control can be troublesome, with the game now delayed until 2016 in the West.  07.03 12:37
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Review - Swords & Darkness
What do Streets of Rage, Guardian Heroes, Final Fight, Golden Axe, Code of Princess, and numerous other beat-em-ups over the years have in common? They're all better than Swords & Darkness, that's what.  07.01 01:29
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Console and Handheld Digital Store Update
A new week brings a few new releases and price drops. Hyperdimension Neptunia Re;Birth3 hits North America along with another standard Atlus sale, while Ocarina of Time arrives on Wii U on both sides of the Atlantic.  07.02 15:54
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