Which platform's 2018 will be best for RPGs?
Xbox One
01.22  Divinity: Original Sin II PC
01.21  River City: Rival Showdown 3DS
01.18  Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle Switch
01.14  Dragon's Crown Multi
01.06  Monster Hunter Stories 3DS
01.03  XCOM 2 PS4
12.29  Boot Hill Bounties PC
12.19  Lunar: Silver Star Harmony PSP

01.18  Monster Hunter: World (Beta Impression) PS4
12.14  Battle Chef Brigade (Deep Look) Switch
11.15  Xenoblade Chronicles 2 (Impression) Switch
11.13  Horizon Zero Dawn: The Frozen Wilds (Deep Look) PS4
08.29  NeuroVoider (Deep Look) PS4
08.22  Ken Follett's The Pillars of the Earth: From the Ashes (Deep Look) PS4
07.18  Children of Zodiarcs (Impression) PC
07.14  Revenant Saga (Deep Look) PS Vita
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01.23  Lost Sphear
01.24  Legrand Legacy
01.24  Zwei!!
01.25  Fantasy Hero: Unsigned Legacy
01.26  Monster Hunter: World
01.30  Dissidia Final Fantasy NT
02.01  Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age
02.09  Dragon Quest Builders
02.13  Kingdom Come: Deliverance
02.13  Radiant Historia: Perfect Chronology

01.19  Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth Hacker's Memory
01.17  Full Metal Furies
01.09  Lucanor
01.05  Fallen Legion
12.15  Boot Hill Heroes Episode 2
12.15  Omega Quintet
12.15  Romancing SaGa II
12.12  Okami
12.08  Tokyo Xanadu eX+
12.07  SpellForce III


Review - Divinity: Original Sin II
Though 2017 was a big year for console releases, PC RPGamers also received plenty of games to enjoy. One such title was Larian Studios' Divinity: Original Sin II, which receives a slightly belated review.  01.22 13:21
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Divinity: Original Sin II
Review - River City: Rival Showdown
Just when you thought your girlfriend was safe from the punks in River City, think again. Ricki's gal has been kidnapped and Kunio must find her in three days. Seriously, Ricki needs to keep a better eye on his girlfriend considering how often this keeps happening.  01.21 18:57
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River City: Rival Showdown
Ys VIII PC Release Delayed Again
Unfortunately for those waiting for Ys VIII on PC, it has been delayed again, this time indefinitely. The localisation patch for the PS4 and Vita versions will still be hitting at the end of this month, however.  01.22 19:53
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Stygian: Reign of the Old Ones Receives Demo
Stygian: Reign of the Old Ones is a Lovecraftian RPG from Cultic Games. Though set to be released in 2019, the developer has provided a demo for the game on Steam.  01.22 19:52
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Indie Games
Chroma Squad Adds Episode Creation Tool
It's been a few years since Chroma Squad first released, but developer Behold Studios isn't finished with the game just yet. The latest addition to the game is a tool to let players create their own tokusatsu episodes.  01.21 17:10
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Chroma Squad
Underworld Ascendant Teases Development Progress
The Underworld series is set for a revival this year. Some gameplay footage at PAX South recently debuted at PAX South, with publisher 505 Games putting together a new teaser video.  01.21 17:09
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Review - Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle
Ubisoft and Nintendo got together to make a crossover. Instead of a platformer, RPGamers get Mario and Rabbids married together with XCOM style combat.   01.18 20:04
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Beta Impression - Monster Hunter: World
Monster Hunter: World receives its third and final PlayStation 4 beta this weekend. RPGamer's Backtrack Host and Monster Hunter veteran Phillip Willis had the chance to check out the previous betas and let us know his thoughts so far.  01.18 16:31
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Fantasy Hero Comes to Switch
Arc System Works budget action RPG is making its way to Switch. In fact it's making its way there quite quickly, releasing worldwide next week.  01.20 19:44
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Tangledeep Unravels Pre-Release Trailer
Impact Gameworks' roguelike Tangledeep is swifty approaching its full release. The developer gives a quick overview of its main character and gameplay with a new pre-release trailer.  01.20 19:43
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Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood Goes Dancing Mad
Final Fantasy XIV isn't afraid to look back at the series' past for new content. If the musical cues aren't enough to figure out which title inspires much of this patch, the visual ones should be.  01.19 20:43
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Granblue Fantasy Project Re:Link Gets New Gameplay Footage
New footage recently emerged of PlatinumGames and CyGames' console RPG. The six minutes of gameplay features a few characters who will be familiar to players of the smartphone game.  01.19 20:42
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Digimon Story Hacker's Memory Arrives in the West
The first higher-profile RPG release of 2018 is a follow-up to 2016's Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth. Bandai Namco released a story trailer, and also held an hour-long live stream to note the launch.  01.19 16:01
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The Witch and the Hundred Knight 2 Set for March
We knew that a new The Witch and the Hundred Knight game was heading towards North America and Europe. NIS America has now put out an exact date of arrival.  01.19 16:01
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Vampyr Begins a Developer Diary
There has been some radio silence since Vampyr's delay into 2018 but now that the year is here more info is beginning to surface. In this case, the first in a series of developer diaries detailing the creation of the game.  01.19 12:41
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New Xenoblade Chronicles 2 Expansion Pass Content Arrives
The next set of Expansion Pass content for Xenoblade Chronicles 2 releases overnight. This batch adds a new set of quests in addition to providing some more helpful items.  01.18 20:36
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Four Knight Princesses' Trainer Detailed
Nippon Ichi released some new details regarding princess-training RPG Anata no Shikihime Kyoudoutan. This time we get to learn more about the player-controlled instructor.  01.18 20:36
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Crowdfunding Check-In: Eden's Last Sunrise, Nightmarchers
RPGamer returns with its irregular column highlighting ongoing RPG crowdfunding campaigns. In this edition we take a look at the Kickstarter campaign for Eden's Last Sunrise and the Fig campaign for Nightmarchers.  01.18 15:11
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Digital Store Weekly Round-Up
A couple of new titles arrive this week with a new Digimon RPG and Full Metal Furies, along with Switch versions of Darkest Dungeon and Ambition of the Slimes. Meanwhile, there are some decent sales for 3DS games in North America and on the Humble Store.  01.18 15:11
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PSP Backlog Quest and Other Resolutions
With a new year comes new resolutions. 2018 will start with working down the PSP backlog and some other gaming goals.  01.17 22:38
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