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12.05  Final Fantasy XV PS4
12.05  Serpent in the Staglands PC
12.01  Xanadu Next PC
11.29  Pokémon Sun & Moon 3ds
11.21  God Eater 2: Rage Burst Vita
11.16  Etrian Odyssey V 3DS
11.15  World of Final Fantasy PS4
11.11  Dex PC

11.19  Super Dungeon Bros (Deep Look) PS4
10.27  Pokémon Sun/Moon (Demo Impression) 3DS
09.22  The Ember Series: A New Fire (Early Access) pc
09.20  Trillion: God of Destruction (Deep Look) Vita
09.01  Cosmic Star Heroine (Beta Impression) PC
08.30  Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy XV (Deep Look) Movie
08.12  Path of Exile: Atlas of Worlds (Preview) PC
08.10  Little King's Story (PC Video Impression) win
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12.13  Stardew Valley
12.14  Super Dungeon Tactics
01.17  Atelier Shallie: Alchemists of the Dusk Sea
01.20  Dragon Quest VIII 3DS
01.24  Kingdom Hearts HD II.8 Final Chapter Prologue
01.24  Tales of Berseria
01.24  Yakuza Zero
01.27  Tales of Berseria
01.30  Disgaea 2: Dark Hero Days
01.31  Digimon World: Next Order

12.01  The Dwarves
11.29  Final Fantasy XV
11.22  Darksiders
11.22  Dragon Ball Fusions
11.18  Pokémon Sun/Moon
11.10  Tyranny
11.08  Harvest Moon: Skytree Village
11.08  Sword Art Online: Hollow Realization
11.07  Trillion: God of Destruction
11.03  Xanadu Next


South Park Premieres a New Fractured but Whole Trailer
South Park's twentieth season may have just ended but there is more in the pipeline for the series. The sequel to 2013's RPG just got a new trailer and it sure looks like a South Park game.  12.08 12:50
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South Park: The Fractured but Whole
Review - Final Fantasy XV
How do the adventures of Noctis and his friends hold up? It's full of surprises, for better or worse. It is, however, a road trip worth taking.  12.05 22:51
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Final Fantasy XV
Review - Serpent in the Staglands
What ho, chicken? Take the role of the moon god Necholai and forge your own path through the Staglands in this open-ended exploration-driven 1990s throwback. But make sure to take care in this harsh and hostile world. The Carrion God welcomes both mortals and careless gods to the realm of the dead.  12.05 22:30
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Serpent in the Staglands
Futuba Backs the Party in Persona 5
Lots of Persona 5 media has been released recently and here comes another two videos to add to the pile. The Phantom Thieves' hacker friend is the focus of these new videos.  12.07 13:04
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Persona 5
The Alliance Alive Lives to Find Japanese Release Date
Announced a few months ago, FuRyu's newest title will see a quick turn around as it arrives on Japanese shelves in late March. A new trailer is here to introduce the 3DS exclusive.  12.07 13:03
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The Alliance Alive
PlayStation Vita to Get Fallen Legion
PlayStation Experience may have come and gone, but not all the RPGs to be seen were showcased in the keynote. Fallen Legion makes its return to the show with a new platform to boot.  12.06 13:12
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Dragon Quest Monsters: Joker 3 Pro Gets New CG Trailer
A new trailer for Joker 3 Pro gives a CG look at the world of Dragon Quest Monster, but more substantial gameplay changes are coming as well. RPGamers in Japan can expect this new version early next year.  12.06 13:11
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Persona 5 Confides New Trailers
It may have been delayed until April, but Atlus is still gearing up for Persona 5's release. These new videos focus on the game's story and introduce some of the Phantom Thieves' confidants.  12.05 19:39
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NieR: Automata Gets Limited Editions
PlayStation Experience provided a release date for NieR: Automata, but that wasn't all. Square Enix followed it up by revealing a console of special editions for the game.  12.05 19:39
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Stardew Valley Hits PS4, Xbox One Soon
ConcernedApe's farming sim is making its debut on console next week. The developer also announced an alteration to its future porting plans of the game.  12.05 19:38
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Review - Xanadu Next
Xanadu has been depicted in numerous ways over the years. The interpretation in which a giant one-eyed spider smashes through pillars is less known, but XSEED has made sure those outside Japan can experience it.  12.02 03:14
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RPGCast - Episode 405: "Evolve a Fetus"
Chris tries to cope with a reality where Windjammers is actually resurrected. Kelley tries to finish Pokémon. Alice tries to resist buying FFXV. Alex tries to make a news story. And everyone tries to just get Nebby to GET IN THE FREAKING BAG.  12.03 21:47
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PlayStation Experience Presentation Wrap-Up
Ni no Kuni, Yakuza, Nier, Pyre, Absolver, Ys, Nioh, Horizon: Zero Dawn. Sony's PlayStation Experience keynote featured a decent selection of RPGs.  12.03 20:08
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Nintendo Introduces Miitopia to Japan
Next week in Japan, players will get to cast their favourite Mii avatars into the all important RPG character roles. This new video gives a fairly lengthy overview of Miitopia.  12.02 19:44
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The Legend of Zelda Makes an Appearance at The Game Awards
The other big showing for The Game Awards was Breath of the Wild, which got not one, but two new videos. One gives a sense of the game world, while the other gives a sense of the gameplay.  12.02 12:34
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New Mass Effect: Andromeda Gameplay
The Game Awards happened last night and it featured several RPG-related appearances. One of these was a five-minute look at gameplay for Mass Effect: Andromeda.  12.02 12:33
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Review - Pokémon Sun & Moon
We'll give you three guesses as to where Nebby is. Hint: It's not in the bag. It's never in the bloody bag.  11.29 18:49
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Dragon Quest VIII Looks at Its Story
A new trailer for Dragon Quest VIII draws near. The story-focused video offers RPGamer a sampling of the English voice acting in the upcoming 3DS remake.  12.01 20:39
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7th Dragon III, SMTIV: Apocalypse Arrive in Europe
Some months after their releases in North America, Deep Silver has brought a couple of 3DS titles to Europe. 7th Dragon III and SMTIV: Apocalypse are now available in both physical and digital forms.  12.01 20:39
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3 Screens - The Surge
Focus Home Interactive recently released a few new screenshots for Deck 13's upcoming sci-fi RPG, The Surge. These images highlight some of the mini-bosses that prowl the CREO industrial complex.  12.01 20:38
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