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Official Staff Reviews
Yakuza [Read] Sam Wachter Kazuma Kiryu vs. The World 2.5/5
Yakuza [Read] Mike Moehnke Mob Rules 3.0/5
Yakuza 2 [Read] Sam Wachter Kazuma Kiryu's Precious Little Life 3.5/5
Yakuza 3 [Read] Sam Wachter When We Were Orphans 4.0/5
Yakuza 4 [Read] Sam Wachter Kazuma Kiryu and the Infinite Sadness 4.0/5
Yakuza 5 [Read] Sam Wachter Kazuma Kiryu vs. The Universe 4.0/5
Yakuza Kiwami [Read] Sam Wachter The Man Who Never Lied 3.0/5
Yakuza Of the End [Read] Sam Wachter Kazuma Kiryu Gets it Together... With Zombies 2.5/5
Yakuza Zero [Read] Sam Wachter Kazuma Kiryu's Finest Hour 4.5/5
Yggdra Union [Read] Mike Moehnke We Must Preserve the Union! 4.0/5
Yggdra Union [Read] Anna Marie Privitere Going Down With A Fight 4.0/5
Yggdra Union: We'll Never Fight Alone PSP [Read] Anna Marie Privitere Together Once Again 5.0/5
Yggdra Union: We'll Never Fight Alone PSP [Read] Michael Cunningham Critical Union Strike 4.0/5
Yo-Kai Watch [Read] Sam Wachter "Feelin' fine." Well, That's a Relief 3.0/5
Yo-Kai Watch 2 [Read] Robert Sinclair Love, Courage, and Moxie! 4.0/5
Youkaidou [Read] Michael Baker Strange Ways 2.0/5
Ys I & II Chronicles [Read] Michael Cunningham Chronicles of the Past 3.5/5
Ys III: Wanderers from Ys [Read] Derek 'Roku' Cavin The Wanderers Return 2.0/5
Ys IV: Mask of the Sun [Read] Mike Moehnke Rhymes With Sneeze 3.0/5
Ys Origin [Read] Mike Moehnke Does Not Involve the Letter X 3.5/5
Ys Origin [Read] Alex Fuller 700 Years Before Adol 3.5/5
Ys Origin [Read] Michael Cunningham An Ys-y Introduction 4.0/5
Ys Seven [Read] Michael Cunningham Ysy to Recommend 4.0/5
Ys Seven [Read] Mike Moehnke Altago-go, Altago-go, Altago-go-go 3.5/5
Ys Seven [Read] Adriaan den Ouden Can We Do It? Ys We Can! 4.0/5

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