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Square Enix Plans Final Fantasy XV Updates


Final Fantasy XV

A week after its worldwide release, Square Enix posted a blog update regarding updates it plans to release for Final Fantasy XV. Though it did not revealed exact details on when the updates would be released and what individual patches would include, the company revealed some short and long term goals for the updates.

In the short term, Square Enix is looking at specific aspects of the game, including adding gameplay enhancements to chapter thirteen and increasing the effectiveness of ring magic. After this, it will looking at adding to the game's story by providing more insight on motivations for certain characters, such as Ravus. The long term goals feature making more characters playable, including potentially adding customisable avatars. Other mooted, but unconfirmed, features include New Game Plus-style modes and new bosses.

These updates will be released for free and come in addition to previously announced paid downloadable content packs: Holiday Pack, Booster Pack, Episode Gladiolus, Episode Ignis, Episode Prompto, and Expansion Pack: Comrades (all names are tentative). Those who wish to read more about Final Fantasy XV can check out Michael A. Cunningham's review of the game.

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