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Darkest Dungeon Extends to PS4, Vita


Darkest Dungeon

After having finalized a date for the PC version of Darkest Dungeon near the beginning of next year, Red Hook Studios is bringing the game to PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita. No details regarding price or Cross-Buy were announced but the game will release for the platforms in spring 2016. The PlayStation 4 version of the game will also be available to play for the first time at this year's PlayStation Experience.

Darkest Dungeon is a side-scrolling, turn-based RPG where a band of rather mortal adventurers travel through the monster-infested ruins of a manor owned by the player. In addition to dealing with physical obstacles, characters must also be mindful of their sanity as they encounter unspeakable horrors and explore the pervading darkness. The PC version of the game is currently available in Early Access on Steam with a full release planned for January 19, 2016.

Those interested can view a video impression of an earlier build by Sam and Scott Wachter here.

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