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Puyo Puyo Chronicle to Become an RPG


Puyo Puyo Chronicle

Sega, the developer of Puyo Puyo, a long-running series of tile-matching games in Japan, has announced the newest game in the series Puyo Puyo Chronicle. New to this entry will be the full-fledged RPG that will serve as the game's primary mode of play.

In the game, protagonist Arle and her companion Carbuncle come across a book that transports them to another world. Upon meeting Allie, who insists on referring to Arle as a hero, the three join together to travel across the new world in order to return Arle to her own.

Puyo Puyo is a battling puzzle game where two players with opposing grids try to fill the other player's grid with junk. This is done by creating chains of four or more of the same color tiles, which drop onto the grid in groups of up to three. Chronicle will add RPG elements to this battling system, including character progression. The game will also feature an explorable 3D world, a multitude of main and side quests, and seventeen different rulesets when playing the game. The game will also feature the ability to connect with up to four people locally to take on bosses as a group.

Japan will see the release of Puyo Puyo Chronicle on December 8, 2016, exclusively on 3DS. There is no word on an English release of the game.


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