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Final Fantasy XV First Story Updates Available Now


Final Fantasy XV

Square Enix has a new trailer for two different content updates now available on Final Fantasy XV. One is the first free content update for the base game while the other is the release of the first character DLC which stars Gladiolus.

Available free of charge for those who own Final Fantasy XV, the March update applies several new changes to the main game. Chapter 13 will now feature additional cutscenes fleshing out the story and an alternate version of the chapter where players control Gladiolus instead of Noctis. Other additions include more powerful ring magic and new explorable areas.

Episode Gladiolus has also released and is available as part of the season pass or individually for $4.99. The side-storywill last a few hours and puts players in control of Gladiolus during his time away from the party. His adventure will take him to meet series regular and dimension-hopping sword master, Gilgamesh. Final Fantasy XV and its expansions are available on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.


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