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Kickstarter Check-In: Wave of Darkness


Waves of Darkness

Another game has made its way to RPGamer's Kickstarter feature. This time Dreamatrix, the maker of previous Kickstarter success story Legends of Dawn, and Aurofinity are hoping to fund another hack and slash RPG Wave of Darkness.

Wave of Darkness is the second game in the envisioned trilogy started by Legends of Dawn. Taking place in the world of Narr, which is on the brink of war, the Council of Sidis Tarea has been sending out calls for heroes to help with the growing rumors of evil coming from the swamps. These messages came more and more frequently until one day they stopped.

In Wave of Darkness, players will be dropped into a nonlinear world that can be explored at the player's leisure. Citing how most RPGs follow a linear structure, Dreamatrix is looking to create a truly open-ended experience with no invisible walls or loading screens, one tailored to hardcore sensibilities. The game will feature a means of creating new spells from runes, three different gods that can be offer sacrifices in return for bonuses, and over thirty-five skills to develop and two hundred creatures to fight.

To recieve a copy of the game, backers will have to give at least $15. Every tier that supports the game also comes with the Spaceforce trilogy of games and backers who give at least $30 will receive a copy of Legends of Dawn as well.

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