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Dungeons and Dragons ~ Dungeon Survival Guide 11.09.2007
Saving Throw's review of Dungeon Survival Guide

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Dungeon Survival Guide
published by Wizards of the Coast reviewed by Martin Drury
64 pages, 2007, $19.95
Content 12
Organization 12
Consistency 15
Intelligibility 10
Review Scoring

   The Dungeon Survival Guide is one of the slickest looking books that Wizards of the Coast has published this year. From the cover, to inside illustrations, it is probably a good example of how layouts will look in 4th Edition. Perhaps that is why Wizards of the Coast choose to publish this book as a hardback, to protect the design and illustrations within, for those, along with some humorous comments by the iconics, are the best things that can be found in this book.

The Dungeon Survival Guide is a synopsis of some of the classic dungeons from Dungeons and Dragons history. Although perhaps a better title might have been "Recollections of Retired Adventurers." Each dungeon that is covered is glossed over, with scant coverage of monsters and traps an adventuring party is likely to find when travelling there, and some of the more notable denizens. Aside from the (usually) witty comments from the iconics about the dungeons or their companion adventurers, the illustrations are the best part of the book. In short, the book lacks some of those essential survival tips neccesary for that middle word of the title.

Perhaps it was intential, perhaps it was a side effect of editing, but Dungeon Survival Guide seems less like a survival guide and more like an old, semi-lucid adventurer recalling his younger days.

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