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Saving Throw Awards 2014

Scott Wachter

Outstanding Achievement in the Field of Meh: D&D 5th Edition

This game was created for no other reason that new editions generate far more sales than the umpteenth Big Book of Rules Exceptions, under the crowdsource brain trust of the game's loudest, most annoying minority. The end result is the purest definition of design by committee: a hodgepodge of game elements held together by the promise of rules variants and shout-outs to settings that may get support a few years down the road. Nothing special beyond Hasbro's backing.
Runner-up: Pathfinder for still being Pathfinder in the face of their only real competition dropping the biggest guns they possibly could.

Best Dungeons and/or Dragons: 13th Age

13th Age had a strong launch and has only gotten stronger with an astoundingly good bestiary and the 13 True Ways supplement. Along with adventures and a new fiction line. 13th Age has built the most compelling f20 gameline.
Runner-up: Numenera for being very creative and generally pretty nifty.

Best Supplement: Hunter - Mortal Remains

The New World of Darkness has been rather busy lately; adding mummies, changelings, prometheans, demons and sin-eaters to the creature catalogue. Mortal Remains takes these new beasties and the rules changes from the God-Machine Chronicle from the perspective of squishy little humans that try to eke out an existence under the heels of these gothic monstrosities. The human perspective is always good to revisit in the NWoD.
Runner-up: Horror on the Orient Express for reviving a classic Call of Cthulhu adventure for modern rules with aplomb.

Best Game: Atomic Robo Roleplaying

Atomic Robo is a comic book series that embodies the best elements of the medium, featuring the adventures of a Tesla-designed robotís crazy adventures throughout the twentieth century. This Evil Hat Production takes the free-wheeling storytelling of the book and adapts it to a lighter take on the FATE system to make for quick and dirty character and story generation. The text of the book captures the tone of the comic perfectly, and pop-up dialogue boxes from various characters really nail down how all the mechanics work in plain language with occasional taunts from an intelligent dinosaur.
Runner-up: Storium for making asymmetric web-based role playing something interesting in its own right, rather than the methadone of real gaming.

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