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Guardians of Dragonfall 7.31.2009
Saving Throw's review of Guardians of Dragonfall.

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Guardians of Dragonfall
published by Paizo Publishing reviewed by Martin Drury
36 pages, 2008, $12.99
Story 4
Enjoyability 4
Adaptability 4
Intelligibility 4
Review Scoring

   Death stalks all creatures, with dragons being no exception. In Guardians of Dragonfall the dragons travel to a secret location known as Dragonfall when their time is up. However, the aging gold dragon Auronorex has discovered that something has gone radically wrong with the guardians assigned to protect Dragonfall. Knowing his time was up, this gold dragon leaves a mysterious clue and plea for help; this is where the players come into the picture.

This adventure takes place entirely within and around the dragon graveyard. If the party does not have their own means of teleportation, they can easily become trapped within the Dragonfall with little chance of survival. As one would expect with a dragon graveyard, draconic and undead enemies abound in this adventure, providing lots of both for the adventurers to tackle. These new guardians can quickly rid the Dragonfall any ill-prepared visitors.

There are several encounters that are likely to be memorable. A group of Winterhorns (half-dragon satyrs) provide an opportunity to test the players' combat and role-playing skills. Played right by the Game Master, these creatures will leave the players looking over their shoulders as they travel deeper into the graveyard. A later encounter, called "Tears of the Forest" can leave the player characters soaked in acid, and can quickly wreck havoc with the party's gear.

Finishing off the usurper of Dragonfall will not return the area back to normal. The adventurers will have to proceed through a gauntlet designed to test dragons in order to make the graveyard whole again. Only once that is completed can the dragons truly rest in peace. This final twist might be more than enough to do in some parties, but should prove only a minor obstacle to most players.

This adventure contains a dragon's horde worth of memorable encounters and traps, making it a good value for playing groups everywhere.

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