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Pathfinder Chornicles - GameMastery Module E1: Carnival of Tears 05.16.2008
Saving Throw's review of Carnival of Tears.

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GameMastery Module E1: Carnival of Tears
published by Paizo Publishing reviewed by Martin Drury
32 pages, 2007, $12.99
Story 18
Enjoyability 14
Adaptability 15
Intelligibility 17
Solid Hit
Review Scoring

   In fantasy gaming, the true horrors of evil are often glossed over with just enough of a taste of evil presented to encourage the players to take the role of the good guys. With Carnival of Tears, evil is presented in all its dark glory, making this adventure one that will need to be heavily adapted before being presented to some audiences.

Returning to the village of Falcon's Hollow, the party of adventurers arrive just in time enjoy the winter carnival. Unbeknownst to the villagers, adventurers, and most of the carnies, a large number of fey creatures have their own plans for turning the carnival into a blood bath. These fey, tired of their forest being abused by the loggers of Falcon's Hollow, have been twisted by the Cold Rider into something far darker and far colder than the worst nightmares of the villagers. The only chance the adventurers have of rescuing the villagers comes in the unlikely form of the nymph queen of the forest, who is desperately searching for someone to help stop the carnage before it begins.

In order to save the villagers, the party will have survive a litany of carnival rides and sideshows turned deadly, all while trying to outwit an army of evil fey. Since victory depends not only on killing these fey, but also rescuing the villagers, most parties will find more than brute strength is necessary to achieve success.

Along with the Cold Rider, this adventure also introduces the frosty chiseler, a gnome-like fey that takes sadistic pleasure in freezing then chiseling its victims. The dark ice fey template is also available for creating dark ice creatures.

This "in your face" level of evil will fuel many players to drive their characters to new heights of good to rescue the hapless villagers who have fallen prey to the twisted fey. With all the evil, nasty traps crammed into this adventure, it will take the best the players have to offer to save the townfolk of Falcon's Hollow.

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