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Pathfinder Chornicles - GameMastery Module W1: Conquest of the Bloodsworn Vale 08.27.2007
Saving Throw's review of Conquest of the Bloodsworn Vale.

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GameMastery Module W1: Conquest of the Bloodsworn Vale
published by Paizo Publishing reviewed by Martin Drury
32 pages, 2007, $12.99
Story 17
Enjoyability 16
Adaptability 14
Intelligibility 16
Review Scoring

   Conquest of the Bloodsworn Vale marks the second foray into the world of Golarion, the setting for Paizo's Pathfinder Chronicles Campaign Setting. Unlike Crown of the Kobold King, which was almost entirely self-contained, this module makes mention, although mostly in passing, of the larger world in which the GameMastery Modules are set.

In order to increase trade between kingdoms, the king of Korvosa has ordered one of his lords to construct a new road through Bloodsworn Vale. Unfortunately, as these things tend to be, the Vale is not uninhabited, and a few of the residents are not pleased to see outsiders intruding on their territory. Add into that a hidden adversary and things are not going well for the lord. Of course, this is where the PCs come in.

Conquest of the Bloodsworn Vale offers plenty of sword play and diplomacy opportunities, as a number of the encounters can be dealt with either brutally or gently, giving players an chance show off more than just their combat skills. The variety of opponents will also keep the players on their toes, making what initially may seem like a straightforward task a little more daunting.

With the contained area of the Vale (it is essentially closed off from the outside world) adapting the adventure to other campaign settings should not be that difficult. The exercise is a little bit more than simply dropping Bloodsworn Vale into an unexplored region of your map, but still can be accomplished without the headaches sometimes encountered when adapting adventures for other settings.

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