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Pathfinder Chornicles - Curse of the Crimson Throne - Chapter 1: Edge of Anarchy 08.08.2008
Saving Throw's review of Edge of Anarchy.

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Pathfinder: Curse of the Crimson Throne - Chapter 1: Edge of Anarchy
published by Paizo Publishing reviewed by Martin Drury
96 pages, 2008, $19.99
Story 4.5
Enjoyability 4
Adaptability 3.5
Intelligibility 3.5
Review Scoring

   The first entry to the second Pathfinder Adventure Path introduces the city of Korvosa to players and Game Masters alike, and then immediate tries to kill them. Deadly villains, devious traps and bizarre, twisted storylines are the hallmarks of author Nicolas Logue's adventures, and Edge of Anarchy builds on that tradition nicely.

Player characters will find themselves immersed in a quest for revenge (both their own and on the behalf of others) and deadly riots before joining the service of the city guard. All this is just a prelude to finding out the truth about the powers behind the city. Along the way the player characters will have the chance to help out many citizens of the city, earning their respect and making valuable future allies, and setting the stage for future troubles.

The Curse of the Crimson Throne adventure path makes extensive use of a new game mechanic, referred to as Harrow. Harrow is a type of fortune-telling, famous in the city of Korvosa and makes use of the Harrow Deck, a special deck of cards. Edge of Anarchy provides an extensive guide to the Harrow Deck, so Game Masters and players are well prepared to use this new mechanic.

The Edge of Anarchy provides a guide to the Varisian peoples, one of the native peoples of Varisia where Korvosa is located. It also includes the continued adventures of Eando Kline, Pathfinder, as he adventures into the Cinderlands. The book finishes up with six new monsters that are likely to be found in and around Korvosa. These new monsters are varied, from aquatic terrors, to a golem composed of various carcasses, to the cute and not so friendly Soulbound dolls. These creatures make a great addition to any setting. Finally the book finishes up with four pre-generated characters, a wizard, a paladin, a ranger, and a bard for players in a hurry to dive into the adventure.

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