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Previews, Playtests and Kickstarters, Oh My.

Scott Wachter

Paizo is gearing up for the release of the NPC Codex (I guess the title, Ultimate Mooks didn't work out) and with comes a sneak peak at some art and ready-made animal companions. That's not all the house of the golem has going, open playtests for Mythic Adventures have begun. Finally, the level twenty-one and up content of the d20 SRD will be given the Pathfinder treatment. Find the PDF at this link.

On the other side of the d20, Wizards of the Coast has let loose the next round of the D&D Next with tweaks to expertise dice and Monks. Take a look at the new playtest packet over here.

In other previews, here's a peak at what players will find in Fantasy Flight's Star Wars: Edge of the Empire RPG - Beginner Box. The box comes chock-full of goodies like dice, character sheets, maps and a sample adventure.

Cubicle Seven is expanding Cthulhu Britannica with Folklore. A supplement that brings in giants, fairies, and dragons to the usual mix of eldritch abominations. The game will also include a new profession and a new magic system. Scope out all the details here.

Evil Hat is still plugging away at their expansion to the Dresden Files RPG, Paranet Papers, and they'd like to remind fans of that with this look at the Everglades-based setting with all the fun of both the Fountain of Youth and Waldo Butters M.E.

Lastly, for those gamers that intersect on 'Savage Worlds fans' and 'Arabian Nights-style fantasy fans' circles on the great Venn diagram that is nerdom, Triple Ace games has the kickstarter for you. In the form of Lands of Fire, an expansion for the Hellfrost setting. There's less than two weeks left on the pledge drive and it's only halfway to its goal.

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