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White Wolf and Onyx Path at GenCon

Scott "Fowl Sorcerous" Wachter

White Wolf has always used their GenCon presentation to outline their release plans for the coming year, and Onyx Path as heirs to White Wolf’s games have kept up this tradition. Just for the sake of expedience assume any book being released as part of a 20th anniversary game line will be on Kickstarter for a limited edition version but all will be released digitally and print on demand.

August closes out with pre-made characters for Mummy: the Curse. September brings the Void Engineers convention book for Mage: the Ascension, Changing Breeds for Werewolf: 20th Anniversary, and Guildhalls of the Deathless for factions of the new Mummy. October has the new version of fallen angels with Demon: the Descent, Exalted: 3rd Edition finally releases, and the District of Columbia gets the supernatural treatment for Mummy with Cursed Necropolis DC. November is crowded with the 20th anniversary of Mage: The Ascension, a translation guide for porting between the new and old versions of Demon, The Strix Chronicle for Vampire updates the rules and new metaplot information, Arms of the Chosen is the big book of magic gear (plus more Evocations) for Exalted, and Werewolf 20th hits the highways with the Rage across the World setting guide. 2013 concludes with Darkening Sky for the old World of Darkness Dark Ages a long-in-development-hell volume centred on the eclipse of 1230 and its effects on the five major monster groups, Anarchs Unbound for Vampire 20th breaks down the experience of being an Anarch vampire from all facets, and the new Demon gets an adversaries book with The Flowers of Hell.

Moving into 2014; January features a Hunter: The Vigil expansion for all the ‘other’ monsters: changelings, prometheans, geists, mummies and demons titled (for the moment) Monstrous Basterds, Exalted gets a setting book inThe Realm, Book of the Wyrm fills out the bad guy options for Werewolf 20th. February hits with Rites of Blood a book of magic for Vampire 20th, a post-Strix clanbook for V:tR in Secrets of the Covenants, Mummy: the Curse gets historical play options in Sothis Ascends. March comes in more setting and storytelling ideas with W20th - The Umbra, players get some more content with a Demon: the Descent Players Guide, and Exalted get a big expansion with Dragon-Blooded: What Fire Has Wrought which is all things Dragon-Blooded. April rolls up with the massive five hundred page Dark Ages historical setting for Vampire 20th, Werewolf: the Fallen gets story material about the Spirit Lords with The Idigam Chronicle, Towers of the Mighty brings more setting stuff for Exalted. May sees the release of Cursed Necropolis: Rio for M:tC and the second edition of Scion the game of demi-godliness. June drops with the magic interwebs of Mage 20th - Digital Web 3.0 and new Exalts get developed Exigents. V20 gets more Ghouls with Ghouls and Storytellers get more tools with the Demon: the Descended Storyteller’s Guide. Next August is a huge month for releases with World of Darkness: Dark Eras a kickstarter campaign to add new historical settings to all nine NWoD gamelines the only one assured is Changeling: the Lost in 18th century france but more funding means more settings, Different Skies is the first of run of region specific setting books for Exalted, and Trinity returns with a core rulebook and present day setting in The Trinity Continuum and the sci-fi setting with Aeon.

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