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Quiet Year for Gencon

Scott "Fowl Sorcerous" Wachter

It is that late August season that brings us all together as geeks, either to the convention centre at Indianapolis or to stare enviously at our Twitter feeds. GenCon celebrate gamer-dom in myriad ways but none so interesting as announcements and news for the coming year. This year seems to be rather quiet; with the eventizing of Kickstarter campaigns stealing the thunder of the big trade show announcement but that didn't stop a few tidbits from coming out on the show floor

Pinnacle Seminar

The purveyors of Savage Worlds had a few things to tease. The Sci-Fi Companion for rules and gear is in playtest and should release for the end of the year. There is a new science fiction setting in development, the current plan is to launch on Kickstarter next summer (there seems to be a trend toward summer crowdfunding from these guys). There will be a new edition of the Rippers, for your Victorian monster hunting desires. Also, their new fiction line will focus on Deadlands: Hell on Earth in the near future.

Mythic Golarion

Paizo took some time out from the con to show off some off some material from the upcoming Mythic Realms setting guide.

D&D Next is imminent

Not 5th Edition is taking more and more concrete shape over the past few months and Mike Mearls has declared that the last playtest packet will be released in September with the final version of the game to be released at GenCon 2014. Other news from the D&D presentations include the launch of Murder in Baldur's Gate, the new season of D&D Encounter and the Lords of Waterdeep is receiving an expansion with Scoundrels of Skullport plus an iPad version of the game.

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