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Pathfinder Products Through Q3 2012

Scott "Fowl Sorcerous" Wachter

GenCon might be D&D's show, but Pathfinder is a lot like D&D so I suppose they can drop a pile of new product announcements that same weekend. Why this didn't come up at PaizoCon is a mystery to us all.

For the Pathfinder game we have Bestiary 3 finishing up this year with 300 new monsters and a bunch of new templates for all your beastie needs. Spring 2012 offers up the Advanced Race Guide, then for next GenCon we can expect Ultimate Equipment a 300+ page hardcover full of magical and mundane toys for Pathfinder characters.

In Adventure Path news, next February the Skulls & Shackles Adventure Path kicks off with all kinds of pirate-related fun. After that series wraps up, Pathfinder celebrates its 5th anniversary by going back to where it all began with the Shattered Star Path, wherein players will run across Varisia in search of the pieces to an ancient Thassilonian artefact. In terms of modules: September gives The Feast of Ravenmoor, November sees the release of The Ruby Phoenix Tournament, and January offers up the debut of Rpg Superstar Sam Zeitlin in The Midnight Mirror. One last word for adventure paths is the hardcover omnibus re-release of the very first Pathfider Adventure Path, Rise of the Runelords, which will feature new art, new encounters and a full conversion to the Pathfinder ruleset, set to release at PaizoCon 5 in 2012.

For the campaign setting, this year offers up a look northward with Lands of the Linnorm Kings, another look at daemons with Book of the Damned 3: Horsemen of the Apocalypse, next there is a trip to Tian Xia in the Dragon Empires Gazeteer, ending out 2011 is Mythological Monsters Revisited; a closer examination of ten classic monsters. 2012 starts off by getting a little Spelljammer-y by exploring Golarion's sister planets in Distant Worlds, a bigger look at some big guys comes next in Giants Revisited, after that players can bust out their fedora and bullwhips for a little archaeology with Lost Kingdoms, then you can hoist a mug o' grog while reading Isles of the Shackles, finishing out the second quarter with Magnimar: City of Monuments.

Player Companion carries on with the conclusion on their religious sourcebook series in Faiths of Corruption. Then, watch out for the Dragon Empires Primer and Pirates of the Inner Sea (which will serve as tie-ins to the Jade Regent and Skulls and Shackles Adventure Paths) to release in December and February respectively.

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