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August News

Scott "Fowl Sorcerous" Wachter

Pinnacle Kickstarts a Weird War for Rome

The purveyors of Savage Worlds are putting together some funds for a new entry into their military history meets dark fantasy game line with Weird Wars: Rome. The kickstarter has already cleared itís funding goal, but with seventeen days left there are still plenty of bonuses on the line; including more adventures, figure flats and supplements.

Requiem Rules

White Wolf is showing off the rules chapter for Blood and Smoke, the stand alone version of Vampire: The Requiem. This incorporates not only the core rules of the New World of Darkness into the setting material, but also the rules revision introduced in the God Machine Chronicle.

Beta for Rebels

Fantasy Flight gaming has opened up the beta test of upcoming Star Wars: Age of Rebellion Roleplaying Game, the second of their three compatible games set in a certain galaxy far far away. Learn more about the mechanical differences and how to sign up at this page.

iPad Fhtagn

the 7th edition of Call of C'thulu may not be on shelves yet, but the a brand new iPad app will allow gamers to generate characters for it. The app,which costs 3.99 US dollars, includes a die roller, skill management, a random name generator, the ability to export to PDF and slew of other useful feaures is now available. An android version is on the horizon as well.

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