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Shadowrun Brings Loot to GenCon

Scott "Fowl Sorcerous" Wachter

This one almost slipped past the radar here at Saving Throw, not that the editor doesn’t have a bias against it or anything. But Catalyst Game Labs is taking a page from White Wolf's playbook with Shadowrun 2050 Edition. This retro-styled game supplement for playing the original incarnation of the setting with the 4th ed Shadowrun rules. You can view a preview of the print proof of the book here. 2050 is available right now in PDf with a full-colour hardback release GenCon weekend.

GenCon is a big weekend for the game William Gibson views with "extreme revulsion at seeing my literary DNA mixed with elves", with five other releases on the convention floor. First up is The Clutch of Dragons, a sourcebook for all things draconic, as well as tricks and toys for would-be Street Samurai dragonslayers. Speaking of toys, The Runner's Black Book 2074, gathers all manner of gear from the previously digital-only Gun H(e)aven 2, MilSpec Tech 2, EuroWar Antiques as well as brand new material in full-colour with detailed descriptions in each item entry. The aptly named Sprawl Sites: North America is a collection of eight maps of different North American urban sprawls. Elven Blood is a con-only compilation of five convention adventure scenarios, all with an elven theme. Catalyst is also using the con to debut Gear Cards, which will print stats and images of gear for easy reference. Each deck has 54 cards, one for guns, the other for vehicles and drones. These two decks are also a convention exclusive.

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