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Fantasy Flight confirms Star Wars License

Scott "Fowl Sorcerous" Wachter

Fantasy Flight Games, makers of the Warhammer 40K roleplaying game lines, has confirmed the long-standing rumour that they held the traditional games license for Star Wars. The announcement was made in a joint press release between FFG CEO Christian T. Petersen and Lucas Licensing President Howard Roffman. The release not only confirmed the licensing deal, but established that it covers card, board, miniature and roleplaying games. The first two products to launch will be X-wing, a tactical minis game based on starfighter combat and Star Wars: the Card Game a co-operative game in which players pit their daring Rebel cards against an onslaught of Imperial forces. These lines will launch in early 2012. Fantasy Flight is promising more product announcements in the coming months.

As an editorial aside, this is a major coup for perennial 3rd place in game sales Fantasy Flight. If they can bring the same level of production value to this new Star Wars RPG as they do to their Warhammer 40k lines, paired with solid game design that captures the setting of the films and support for a broad range of the timeline, they have a good chance of usurping Wizards of the Coast's spot on the top of the heap.

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