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A Whole Year of White Wolf

Scott "Fowl Sorcerous" Wachter

White Wolf tends be on the quiet side of the gaming world. Leaning on a wall all broody-like, eye the other gaming companies as they go by. But when it takes the time to call attention to itself it does so thoroughly. Here is their complete release schedule for the full year, it is a mix of known entities as well as some brand new announcements. All these are subject to change in accordance with the whims of fate.

Vampire: the Requiem gets an 80-page PDF full of new spells, mystic cults and sorcerer profiles with Blood Sorcery. Meanwhile, Vampire:tM 20th gets a revised, remastered edition of the Book of Nod in PDF, this classic supplement will be cleaned up so the text and art will be fully discernible.

September is the month of Kickstarter for the company with the successfully funded Children of the Revolution for V20 releasing in 120-page PDF (and deluxe print version for backers), focusing on the revolution meta-plot from Vampire: the Masquerade. Also, the start of a brand new line in the form of Mummy: the Curse, due to kickstart fairly soon, the supplement will run 264 pages and be accompanied by a separate release of the Storyteller Adventure System from the book.

Mage: the Awakening gets some attention in the form of the 96-page The Left Handed Path a book of heresy and apostate magic. Werewolf: the Apocalypse gets some anniversary love with the 20th Anniversay Edition the original content married with the new World of Darkness mechanics. The manual will weigh at more than 500 pages of material from Ethan Skemp, Bill Bridges and Eddy Webb. And to go with that is the 40-page The Skinner SAS, presenting an adventure where players battle villain Sam Haight in his original form a mortal who skins werewolves to steal their powers.

Mummy keeps on rolling with Guildhalls of the Deathless, a 160-page faction splat book that also features the first part of a three-part Mummy adventure that will build across the Mummy supplements. Another V20 revision will come out in the form of The Hunters: Hunted 2, revisiting the chronicle dealing with mortal vampire hunters. The month finishes up with the long-awaited Mage: the Ascension Convention Book: New World Order. All those will be released as PDF or print on demand.

Changing Breeds brings more info on the Fera for W20 in a nice 160-page PDF package. V20 gets Anarchs Unbound, a 120-page supplement for rebel vampires. The big news for the end of the year is a brand new edition of Exalted. Developed by John Morke, Holden Shearer and creator Geoff Grabowski this 400-page core manual will be the most playtested WW product in history. Expect to see this one pop up on Kickstarter for a deluxe print version.

The new year gets rung in quietly with the Book of the Deceived supplement for Mummy, giving a deeper look at the game's sixth faction as a playable option, as well as the second chapter of the story arc. This one is another 120-page PDF and print on demand release.

W20 carries on with Rage Across the World, similar to the V20 Companion, the book expands on loose ends from Werewolf as well as presenting a grand tour of the world of Werewolf. Another PDF with a deluxe print version available through Kickstarter. Your Exalted character can gear up with Arms of the Chosen, full of weapons, armour and artifacts to play with. The book will also introduce the evocation system giving players more powers plus a section on warstriders, which are like giant robots but all demi-godly.

New World of Darkness' core setting is a getting a new chronicle based on the god machine, titled, fittingly The God Machine Chronicle. The story and setting material will run 264 pages and will set the stage for Demon: the [undefined]. Spring also sees the return of a lost MtAs convention book with Progenitors.

Sothis Ascends examines the life cycle and fate of mummies, featuring loot, powers, enemies, backstory and the last chapter of the adventure series. More blood, but this time for V20 with Rites of Blood a 120-page supplement rituals and magics for nearly every sect of vampirism. The setting of Exalted gets expanded on with The Realm a 160-page PDF.

With all this lost material for classic Mage coming to the fore you might feel like your new books are just collecting dust, fear not because the May flowers with The Mage Translation Guide so you can update it for your current game (50 pages, PDF). W20 gets some antagonists with Book of the Wyrm, a 160-page PDF and deluxe print version through Kickstarter.

New Vampire gets some setting and adventure material in The Strix Chronicle. The 264 pages feature owl spirits that feed on vampires, that were originally introduced in Requiem for Rome. Syndicate is another MtAs convention book resurfacing from the aether. Dragon-Blooded: What Fire has Wrought brings dragon-born exalts to 3rd Edition Exalted with 220 pages in PDF, hardcover on demand and a deluxe via Kickstarter.

The new Demon may not have a full title but that won't stop you from being able to update your old DtF material for it with the Demon Translation Guide. Yet another MtAs convention book resurfaces with Void Engineers.

Demon: the (gerund to be announced) will come out this time year with a whole new take on the denizens of the underworld in a 320-page book PDF/print on demand/deluxe print version through Kickstarter. V20 condenses all the old clanbooks into a 240 pages with Blood Diaries of the Clans.

As you can see there's a lot to look forward to especially for those fans that enjoy Kickstarter rewards. Isn't it funny how a Exalted, the game White Wolf trots out any time the community is upset with D&D get a new edition just as people are starting to grumble about D&D Next?

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