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Crafty Games Announces Mistborn Adventure Game

Scott "Fowl Sorcerous" Wachter

Cafty Games, makers of Spycraft and Fantasy Craft, have announced that they will be releasing the Mistborn Adventure Game. The game, based on the novels by Brandon Sanderson, will hit store shelves this November. The text will feature a brand new story-driven rules system plus new fiction by Brandon Sanderson and piles of new setting material. What makes this super exciting is that Craft Games will be taking pre-orders at GenCon which will include not only the book in print and pdf, the Mistborn Adventure Game Primer and a 18 by 24 poster of the game's cover art for the price of $49.99. Those of us not going to GenCon can still get everything but the poster at the Crafty Games' online store from the 4th to the 7th.

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