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What We Know About the New D&D Launch

Scott "Fowl Sorcerous" Wachter

The displacer beast is out fo the bag and we now have Wizards of the Coast's plans for everyone's second favourite edition of D&D. List time!

  • It is in fact called 5th Edition, after that year of getting everyone to call it D&DNext instead.
  • The launch will be staggered over the summer and fall. Starting with a Starter Set on July 15th, a Player's Handbook and the start of the Tyranny of the Dragons adventure series on August 19th, A Monster Manual for September 17th, The second part of the adventure series on October 21st, a Dungeon Master's Guide on November 18th and a Dungeon Master's Screen on January 20th.
  • The core manuals will retail for $49.95 US, the adventures for $29.95, the Starter Set for $19.95 and the screen for $14.95.
  • The adventures will be created by Wolfgang Baur and Steve Winter of Kobold Press.
  • There will also be a Basic Edition of the rules available digitally for free, like many other games.
  • There is a new organized play group called the D&D Adventure League.

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