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Marvel No More

Scott "Fowl Sorcerous" Wachter

Margaret Weis Productions' Business Manager, Christi Cardenas, opened her news blog for the week on a number of bright notes. The new Firefly game will be teased with a pair of adventures sporting both the new rules as well as the older Serenity RPG system, Dragon Brigade is getting more fiction, a kickstarter was teased, supplements for Leverage are being omnibussed this summer. Then it all took a dark turn.

Game of the Year winning Marvel Heroic Roleplaying, despite its critical and fan acclaim has not garnered enough revenue from its initial run of rules and supplement to sustain the rest of the game's ambitious release schedule. All promised products have been dropped from production, anyone who preordered the upcoming Annihilation Event Books will receive one hundred-fifty percent store credit from the MWP webshop. Titles that have already been released will only be available for sale until the end of this month.

MHRP was very special, but like anything that burns bright this one burned fast. Thanks and best wishes to the creative team behind these products.

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