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Scott Wachter

Accelerating Fate

Fate Accelerated got introduced at the tail end of the the Fate Core kickstarter. It didn't get much attention in the ramp up to the end of the campaign. Evil Hat is now taking the chance to start showing off the new take on the Fate game engine. This preview gives a look at 30 second character creation and the introductory text of the book.

Next for Next

A The newest iteration of the D&D Next playtest is out. Along with the usual tweaks to the existing rules, this packs comes with a big jump forward: paladins, rangers and druids. These classes not have character unique character abilities but also new spells. Join up and get your focus group material over here.

Demonic Paths

Paizo is showing off a lot of new products for the coming months. Leading off in with Mythic Adventures, with new high-power feats, items and other shinies. Also, on the docket are demons lots of demons; a pair of supplements one based on the setting one for players. Campaign Setting: Demons Revisited takes closer looks at existing demons but also some brand new ones, for players is the Player Companion: Demon Hunter's Handbook with feats, archetypes, spells and gear to hunt the bastions of chaos and evil. All three of these will tie into the forthcoming Wrath of the Righteous Adventure Path. For those looking for a different flavour there is the stand-alone module, Wardens of the Reborn Forge in which clockwork guard-bot go crazy try to kill everyone, and then a team of players level twelve or higher swoop in to save the day.

Paizo also showed off some game aids, the Evil Ruins map pack, Basic Terrain Multi-Pack for the flip-mat series, and Items Cards for Wrath of the Righteous Adventure Path.

All of these are expected be released in August. Be still my beating wallet.

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