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Mages and Comics and Dungeons and Hats, Oh My.

Scott "Fowl Sorcerous" Wachter

It's March, which means con season is on the horizon and the end of the tax year is coming up therefore the hype machine must churn again in the gamersphere.

Catalyst Goes 4-Colour

Catalyst Game Labs has announced a partnership with Valiant Entertainment to produce an RPG based on the X-0 Manowar, Harbinger, Bloodshot and Shadowman comics. The game will use the same base rules as CGL's Cosmic Patrol RPG. The first book, dubbed the The Valiant Universe RPG, will se release in the summer of 2014 with supplements planed for release in 2015 and beyond.

Big Plans from Evil Headgear

Evil Hat Productions has its hands in a few pies at the moment. First off is the launch of a series of Fate Core adventures, available by subscription on Patreon. The announcement of LARP rules for the Dresden Files RPG, as designed by Shoshana Kessock, Josh Harrison, and John Adamus, but without any firm details on price or release date thus far. Speaking of vague release dates Paranet Papers, the DFRPG supplement is on track for 'late this year', Dresden Files Accelerated is planned for sometime in 2015, and much more firmly the Atomic Robo RPG should see the light of day in early June of this year. Spirit of the Century is also expanding on the tabletop front with Young Centurions, a YA game set during the Great War, for the Fate Accelerated rules and Shadow of the Century, the gritty 1980's sequel setting for SOTC, for Fate Core.

Mage: the Ascension is All Grown-Up

And by all grown-up we mean approaching its twentieth anniversary, which means it's get the same "old setting, new rules, shiny packaging" treatment that Onyx Path has given Werewolf and Vampire for their 20th birthdays. The kickstarter is doing gang-busters at the moment, with a vast array of add-ons and stretch goals to keep it from slowing down.

D&D Next News from Gama

The Wizards of the Coast presentation at this year's GAMA trade show in Las Vegas shed light a few rumours from earlier in the month. 5e will launch with a Tyranny of the Dragons event storyline, in which the Dragon Cult will team up with evil dragons from across the lands to resurrect Tiamat, the multi-headed dragon queen. This story will be told across organized play events, video games and novels. Expect the Harpers and Red Wizards of Thay to play a prominent role in the story, as well. The gameline will begin with a Starter's Set in the early summer, followed by the Player's Handbook, Monster Manual and Dungeon Master's Guide in time for GenCon. No word on pricing, but the speakers did confirm that there are no plans for multiple PHBs and all the good monsters will be in the first MM.

Also announced was that current 4e products will continue to be produced as long as there is demand, much like their reprints of AD&D and 3.5. They remain happy to take gamers money for the IP, no matter the format [paraphrased].

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