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Catching up

Scott "Fowl Sorcerous" Wachter

FFG's Destiny

Q2 of this year will feature the launch of Star Wars: The Force and Destiny, the third of their Star Wars game line, this one focused on Jedi on the run in the dark times between trilogies. It will launch with a beginner box of dice, tokens, character sheets, rulebook and a new adventure for 29.95. The full core book should follow in a few weeks.


Iron Kingdoms Returns

Privateer Press is bringing back the Iron Kingdoms RPG settings Iron Kingdoms Unleashed Roleplaying Game: Core Rules, a mammoth 480-page rule book covering numerous careers and strange races in wilderness adventures. This book is also following the launch of a beginner box-type product.


Fate Core Setting Guides

Evil Hat has plans for three softcover supplements for the FATE Core RPG. First is Save Game, a 8-bit adventure with new fate mechanics and more random energies. Aether Sea, a Spelljammer-ish setting with a new magic system and magic space boat creation option. Romance in the Air is a game of steampunk and political intrigue. All will see release between February and March and retail at ten dollars each.


It Always Comes Back to Elemental Evil

D&D Fifth Edition is kicking off another adventure with Princes of the Apocalypse. Due out April 7th, is produced with the help of Sasquatch Game Studio. As a nice touch, all of the player-facing elements of the adventure, such as feats and new races, will be made available as a free PDF.


Shadowrun Away

Speaking of 5th Editions, Shadowrun's is being fleshed out with new supplements. Run Faster is a player book with new races, qualities, expanded lifestyle and contacts rules, as well as advice on character creation. London Falling is a compilation of convention adventures set in London, these will dual statted to run in Fifth Edtion or 20th Anniversary edition. Lockdown has plot and setting material for Boston. Bloody Business is a GM guide to the major corporations that run the 6th World. Battle of Manhattan concludes the Boardroom Backstabs adventure trilogy and will be dual-statted for both 5th and 20th. Lastly, Data Trails expands the Matrix, hacker culture and computer hardware and does something daring by introducing rules for non-hackers to be able to do something in the Matrix.


Kicking Stones

The newest Epic-length Plot Point Campaign for Deadlands: Reloaded is crowdfunding now. Stone and a Hard Place is a romp across the American South-West with new perks for hexslingers and undead. It's already exceeded its goal by several orders of magnitude, but stretch goals are being steadily added and if nothing else it's a guaranteed pre-order with discount add-ons.


Mouse Guard Second Edition

Mouse Guard from Luke Crane and David Petersen, has been sadly out of print for a few years now, but will be returning with a new boxed set with revised rules and handy reference card, or as a stand alone book this April.


Onyx Path’s Current Kickstarter Update

Currently crowdfunding is Dark Eras, a book of historical setting for each of the Word of Darkness' main game lines. It features Tudor vampires, werewolves of 70's New York, Hellenistic magi, Dustbowl prometheans, changeling musketeers, hunters of Colonial Salem, Geists in 1950's New Zealand, mummies during the fall of the Ottoman Empire, and Cold War demons. Two more stand to be added as stretch goals, backers will be able to vote between new eras for the one-off games Innocents, Skin Changers and Second Sight and then another vote for a second era for Hunter, Werewolf and Demon.


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