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Saving Throw Returns

Scott Wachter

Evil Hat Wins at Kickstarter...Again

Fred Hicks had a simple goal raise 3 000 dollars to get FATE Core, the next iteration of the FATE roleplaying engine into print. With few hours left to the end of the campaign donations exceed a quarter million dollars from seven thousand backers. The project has grown to three hardbound books containing variant rules and subsystems and a slew of different settings, including FATE conversions of Green Ronin's Freeport, Ken Hite's Day After Ragnorok. Recently announced was FATE Accelerated, a streamlined, kid-friendly, LARP-able version of the ruleset along which comes with a young adult fiction take on Spirit of the Century in Young Centurions as well as a FATE-friendly version of the award winning Do: Pilgrims of the Flying Temple. Also, part of the ever expanding package a deck of cards that can replace fudge dice while also adding descriptive elements to the numerical results, new fiction and accelerated development on the Spirit of the Century follow-up Shadow of the Century, home of a darker tone and eighties-style action tv roleplaying. The latest stretch goal is set at four hundred thousand dollars and will see a Dresden Files setting for FATE Accelerated. Get all the glorious details and show your support here.

Catalyst Declares a year of Shadowrun. Joy.

Yes, more elves and cybernetic toys this year than anyone could ever want. Fortunately for this news editor most of it is in video, minis or card game form. But RPGs have not been neglected with the announcement of Shadowrun 5th Edition. Boasting deadlier combat, easier hacking, even more gear, as well as faster character generation and more extensive player and game master aids. The developers have promised 'the best version of Shadowrun ever'.

For the record, had Gibson followed-up on his lawsuit idea it probably would have sunk FASA, what with their litigations with Lucasfilm and Harmony Gold. This is probably not the best thing in the grander scheme of things. That is as close I might ever get to saying something nice about Shadowrun. Enjoy it.

Mummies! Alive!

Onyx Path continues it campaign to revive and revise virtually every single White Wolf IP with Mummy: the Curse. Their successful kickstarter has assured not only a print run of the game manual for all backers but also setting guides for Rio and Washington DC, another two supplements, a fiction anthology plus a gamemasters screen. I doubt the hobby industry will ever see the much feared 'kickstarter burnout', but OP's plan to kickstart everything they release ever may end up straining the loyal wallets of staunch White Wolf fans.

Margaret Weis Hacks Crowdfunding

The long awaited Cortex Plus Hacker's Guide is finally approaching release, it just needs some help to make it all the way. The manual, consisting of a series of articles on how fiddle around with the variants of the Cortex System seen in both the Smallville and Leverage roleplaying games. As of writing the book is funded, but better turnout will see the inclusion of both a swords and sorcery take on the system from Marvel Heroic Roleplaying and a fully generic version of the Smallville rules for character drama. Get in on the action here.

Cast Magic Missile at Digital Distribution

Wizards of the Coast and Drivethru RPG have teamed up to launch a new storefront:D&D Classics. The store will feature PDF versions of D&D content from all editions of the game ever. There are currently eighty-six titles available, with more rolling out each month. Unlike prior digital versions of D&D, these are priced reasonably relative to the original print price.

Interface Zero Version 2

For those that enjoy the cyberpunk with a Savage Worlds flavour, or at least without any elves, there's a kickstarter for the revised edition of Interface Zero; with newer, easier gear creation rules and a better hacking mechanic. The kickstarter has funded already but new funding goals are being added frequently.

Galileo Games gets Peculiar

In non-kickstarter games announcements, Galileo Games is producing an RPG adaptation of The Ministry of Peculiar Occurrences novels. The game will use FATE Core as a basis for the rules and is being written by designers J.R. Blackwell, P.J. Schnyder and authors of the source material Tee Moriss and Pip Ballantine. The game will see players take on the role of agents of Her Majesty, Queen Victoria investigating supernatural threats, secret societies with all manner of steampunk gear.

Rest in Peace, Lynn Willis

It's not all kickstarters and bunnies this month for Saving Throw. Lynn Willis, co-creator of Call of C'thulu, Basic Roleplaying, Arkham Horror and dozen of other games and novels passed on the 18th. He is survived by partner Marcia. We at RPGamer extend our most heartfelt condolences to those close to him.

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