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Interview - Fraser Ronald, Kiss my Axe

Scott "Fowl Sorcerous" Wachter

Mixed metaphors are narrowly avoided as your intrepid Saving Throw Editor meets with independent game designer, Fraser Ronald of Sword's Edge Publishing. Over the course of their chat they discussed his game Sword Noir, a hardboiled detective/sword & sorcery mash-up and his new title; Kiss My Axe, a game of viking mayhem. We also wander into some game mastering advice, talk of the future for SEP and some industry banter. Find Fraser's games and websites at the following links:

Accidental Survivors
Sword's Edge Publishing

Interview Audio

There were a few connection issues around the midpoint of the recording. I did my best to salvage it, apologies for any garbled messages.


Music credit: Work While You're Sleeping by Mount Carmel

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