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Googleshng - May 31 '00- 5:30 Eastern Daylight Time

OK, lack of sleep caught up with me, so this columns a little late. Sorry about that. Anyway though, tomorrow Lorelai is finally going to be guest hosting. Would you believe that in the entire time I've worked here I only just yesterday had a chance to ask her to?

In addition to running the fan art section for what's closing in on two years (making her the oldest staffer I believe) and having an obvious obsession with Xenogears, Lore knows about all the US released FFs, Azure Dreams, which I've never seen a question about, Harvest Moon, Secret of Mana, and Chrono Trigger. So, if you have any question on those (particularly Azure Dreams) or better yet, any questions about Fan Art, now's the time to send them in.

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Need questions?? Answer mine about FFV!
I'm [still] stuck in the valley of the dragons and I cant figure out where to go after the bridge. I just find the cave with the doorway with rocks in it and the switch on the bottom of the cave, off the ledge. How do I get to that switch? Blaaaaarg! I already have the bone armor and Golem, and I've already checked all the walkthroughs. I'm daarn sure the answer is right under my nose, but I can figure it out!! If you don't know what I'm talking about, then could you at least post this and see if anyone else can answer it?

-Jakegus "Still bugging you with this question" Badfishing

To my recollection, there aren't any switches on that mountain. I was just there really recently too. Maybe there's a hidden switch in a rock or some bones or something I'm forgetting, but I'm pretty sure there's more or less a straight line from beginning to end in there. Why don't you just go back to the beginning and look carefully for where to go.

FF8 Ribbon
Gramblebang (everyone else forgot to call you that) Here's a question which is simple in its own complexity: Where is the Ribbon in FF8? I am playing through the game again, bought the book so I could find everything, and the item list in the back sez there's a ribbon to teach your GFs the 'Ribbon' ability. This would be cool. Where is it? Fish Hook

I'd assume if you have a guide book, it says in there somewhere. I'm also pretty sure I saw that on an FAQ or two on this site. I might look it up myself later, but I'm in a hurry right now.

Well look who it is.
This is Brad, and I'm just readin' Goog's columns for this week.. and all I gotta say is, when you follow along on the "What's Cookin'" or "Hey Gramblebang" thing.. that's not an excuse to just be dorky and say "what's cookin'"... it's supposed to be:

"What's cookin'?

my question is that.. (blahblahblah)

thanks gramblebang!"


Ya'll need to play nice with Gramblebang, I sure as heck don't wanna be doing weekdays again :P Not enough time :)

Later, and see ya'll on Friday.

-- Brad "FIRE AXE GOOD!" Lohr

Heh. I didn't think Brad read my columns. Anyway though, that's very important. When people have finals and stuff, I pretty much only get letters from the people who feel obligated to send stuff every day. So, if said people just send in whatever one liner Brad suggests, there's nothing to make a column from, and people yell at me for making excuses instead of writing them. Anyway, now I don't have to send an army of lichen to torture Brad this weekend. By lichen I of course mean the plural of lich, not the moss. 8)

Yo Googleslime... No, wait, I used that name already... ::rummages through files::
Yo Googledude,

In the next several paragraphs, I will bombard you with opinion-related questions, with my opinions in parentheses... enjoy. >:)

1)Who's your favorite character in Grandia? We need to know! (Mine's Sue)

In terms of who I actually use, probably Feena. She gets overkill magic first seeing as how she starts with Fire.

2)How 'bout in Xenogears? (Mine's Fei... I don't know more than 4 characters, wah.)

Citan. He's a huge nerd, knows everyone, is freaky fast, uses his sword from Iai stance, and has a dozen or so names. Plus Heimdall looks kinda like Wreck-Gar with a paint job. Especially with a sword.

3)How come the doctor in Xenogears is named 'Citan' and not 'Cid'?

Uh, because Xenogears isn't made by the same team as the FFs.

4)Have you ever played Azure Dreams? You should try it, it's cool.

No I haven't, but Lore has and she's guest hosting tomorrow.

5)What do you think of Azure Dreams, if you've played it? (Don't ask me. I already said what my opinion is.)

I know absolutely nothing about it.

6)Do you like Andrew Lloyd Webber's plays? (Woah, I SERIOUSLY went off the RPGamer topic there. And, yes, I like 'em.)

I don't generally get the chance to see plays. Ever. I hear good things though.

7)Final question (this letter is getting LONG), which do you like more, mute main characters like Crono and Ryu, or main characters that actually talk, like Cloud and Maxim? (I don't care, but mute ones don't constantly have seizures throughout the game.)

I always like it when you get to pick what the main character says from a couple choices. Happens a lot in stuff with Working Designs translations, particularly Albert Odessey.

One more thing...
Soon, Googleshng, I shall draw and send in my own picture of you! Muwahahahahahaha
Sorry about that. I've never typed a maniacal laugh before.
As for the picture, I don't know what I want to make you... Not a slime, that's unoriginal... Maybe a FF5 monk... Maybe I'll make you a shadowy figure inside a mech... In any case, I'll try not to draw you TOO badly. Muwahahahahahaha

Sabin "My mind is clearer now" XIII Try to guess where THAT quote's from! Muwahahahahahaha

This was a multipart letter with the HTML in it. People have been putting in their own
tags a lot lately. You really have no idea how much easier that makes things for me. THanks to everyone who's been doing it again.

Happy birthday
Alright to the guy that thinks Rodimus Prime is cool... Fool! If it hadn't been for him then Optimus wouldn't have died in the movie! Nuff said bout that. Oh BTW Good just wonderin what you think about StarCraft RPG levels I mean... should StarCraft be covered on RPGamer because of these notorious RPG levels? BTW It's my birthday on May 31st =)
-Galvatron, the self proclaimed master of transformers

That's right. Sorta. Plus after the movie with all that responsibility on his shoulders, Roddy was just a big loser. That's why it's so cool that Optimus comes back from the dead, beats him up, and takes the matrix back. As for Star Craft, well, I've seen Star Craft scenerios that are more RPG like than some stuff we cover (like say, Diablo). I mean, heck, I've seen some with inventories and experience systems! Still though, Star Craft is not an RPG. It's just an RTS game with an extremely versatile editor included.

My game
hi there googleshng ! whats this i hear about you making an rpg for mac? sounds very interesting. I just saw one post where someone asked about it on your rpgamer section, id love some more info from you. Id guess the rpg would be anime fantasy style? Im working with some friends on an online open-source anime rpg for mac/win/linux/be, perhaps we could collaborate? id love to find out about what your plans are. You seem to have a wealth of savvy rpg experience and i drool at the thought of working together if thats possible. Our game is called Yume RPG and is a free form project with open source code and we desperately need talent and coverage to help get it off the ground. We should be getting a new webpage up for the game at soon. Please msg me back and id love to hear from you about your project and let u know about ours if you're interested! Leif Holt Yume RPG design Artist

Heh, I think like half my letters today are people asking about my game. So, let me just give all the pertinent facts for ya:

  • It's about 85% finished (Yes I know it was 85% finished last time someone asked too, but it's been growing sideways since then, new features and improvements instead of brininging it all together).
  • When it's done, I'll try to get ports of it out for Linux and PCs, but it might take a while.
  • It's not fantasy, it's near future style sci-fi with heavy anime inspiration. Mecha, psychic powers, swords, cool hair color, talking cats, that sort of stuff.
  • It's far enough along that I don't need anyone vollunteering to help on it. In fact all that needs doing really is hitting that point where you go that's it, quit tweaking stuff, and finish the darn thing. 8)
  • While I do have screen shots, they're just demos of the graphical engines, so they're not much to look at.
  • It's not an RPG per se, it's more of a hybrid tactical RPG/turn based strategy game with a lot of variety, and will have multiplayer net support when it's done.
  • Since I've been working on it in one form or another for the last 4 or 5 years, I don't plan to make it freeware... I will however make a free uncrippled demo of one of the more fun aspects. 8)


Hey! Where'd Quickie Masters get that Transformers movie!? I need it real bad-like. And he better not have ordered it online or through the mail. Cause that would be.... well, bad-like too.

Go to any anime convention... or Canada.

What happened to CC and the pics?


"Wait! I still function!!".....


Wanna BET?

Hey googleshng (nice nick),

Could ya translate the Latin lyrics or Liberi Fatali into English for the FF8 fantaic gaming community? We'd appreciate it!

Someone just sent me that yesterday, I'll post it here in just a little bit. If the links broken try it again in 5 minutes.

Hey gnhselgooG,

Seeing that you are currently playing it, how is Perfect Dark? Does it feel like the spiritual sequel to Golden Eye? Tried out the multiplayer yet?

-Red Raven

Perfect Dark is better than Goldeneye. Enough said. 8)

Hey googleshng,
You ever play Everquest?


35 hours? pshh.. I stayed up almost 50 hours straight last week..

Ham On Rye

Ah, but was that for other people's benefits or was it insomnia?

The Last Laugh:

There's the column. Enjoy. Lore guest hosts tomorrow, so send in Fan Art questions and such. Bye!

Googleshng "In a hurry"
My mom needs computer help... again.

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