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Googleshng - January 31 '99- 1:30 Eastern Standard Time

This is going to be the last column from a remote location I'll be doing for a while I believe. Tomorrow (I think) I'll be hopping on a plane and headed back home, bringing an end to this period of quickiless grumbling. Ah, to have a space bar once more! Actually, I'm not entirely happy with going home since it also means an end to my ultra-productive programming session and constant anime watching (all of Gunbuster, Slayers NEXT, Saber Marionettes R, and a movie or two this weekend).

Oh well, it all benefits you people, doesn't it. Let's go.

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Chrono Cross
Chrono Cross Spoilers!

I guess if Whyte Tyger is going to start rumors, I'd better set them in motion with facts.

First of all, Glenn isn't Glenn, it's "Grenn" and he's not Frog from Chrono Trigger. This game takes place in the future, like after 2400 AD. Nor is Leia really Ayla's kid or something, she's just a reference to Ayla's character, but not actually related.

Second, about Magus. No, the two dimensions do not have one with Magus dead and one with magus alive. No, he's not Alf. But, he IS in the game in another form, as well as his henchmen Ozzie, Slash, and Flea (Vinegar, Soy So, and Mayonay). It seems he died before he could find Schala, so he's pissed. He was also not called "Magus" in the Japanese version of Chrono Cross, he was just reffered to as the "Mao" (Warlock), his name that Ozzie (Vinegar) gave him unknown. In this game, his name is revealed on his grave, it's "Garai" (this is the name Ozzie gave him). This probably means something in Japanese as well as Mao. Anyone who uses Grand Lion (Masamune) would be controlled by him since his blood is on the sword. He also has his own sword, Elranzer, which can counteract the effects of the Masamune. He is NOT a playable character. For some reason, Garai and Grenn have a fighting history in the game, but Grenn isn't the Glenn from Chrono Trigger.

I wonder how much of this will actually make it into the American translation. Don't hold your breath though, knowing how good Final Fantasy 5 and 8's were (Adel is a man, man!)

- Elranzer

I can't comment on this letter because I didn't read it. Brad and I both are keeping ourselves in the dark about CC until it comes out... so, uh, I guess importing it and asking us about it is a bad idea. I guess I can print stuff like this here but that's the most I'll do on the subject.

Brad wa baka desu
Hey, just like to point out that when brad uploaded the page, the "Ask Googleshng" mailto thing points to him, not you. *shrugs* I wonder how many-a-mail are gonna end up with Brad instead of you. Anyway...
Whataya think of FFIX? I saw some artwork from it, but I don't think it was right. Its supposed to be Yoshitaka Amano working on it, and it looked like FFT. But hey, I won't complain, because FFT had awesome art. Whats that artist's name again? Well anyway, I like the more cartoony/exaggerated look better. Its just more expressive, know what I mean? Its amplification through simplification. Well, thats all I have to say...
later Googleshng...

Yeah, not only is Brad probably getting most of my mail today, it's probably filled with marrage proposals from drooling fan boys since he used a female pronoun under the link. Seems like punishment enough. Still, I'm short on letters today.
Anyway, about FF9. As much as I like FF8 with it's realistic and expressive characters and unique setting, I'm about up for a nice little naustalgia trip for the next game... as long as they don't do something like use unoriginal game mechanics. Besides, 3 characters just isn't enough.

Freed Y
Dear Google,

I know you're probably going to get about a thousand letters about this, but...

The Y in Freed Y's name stands for Yamamoto, which is his last name. No, I have absolutely no idea why they put that in. Maybe to distinguish him from all the other Freeds out there? ^_^ They don't do this with any of the other characters; Yoshino isn't "Yoshino Y," Khan isn't "Khan M," Sierra isn't "Sierra M," and so on. No other character with a listed last name (and you don't find most of them out until the ending credits) gets their surname initial in their name.

Oh, and I'm glad I'm not the only one who thought of the Happy Happy Cult when I heard the song "Blue." It's all part of an evil plot to take over the world, I tell you! (looks around nervously) Well, okay, maybe not.

Ciara, known also to some as MasaMune

There you go. An answer to a Suikoden 2 question posted by me. What? It only counts if I answer the question myself? Darn.

FF8 Confusion
FF8 Spoilers

Alright I finished FFVIII finally (b/c of college delays) and I have two questions.
1) Is there a specific scene where they address the parentage of Squall?
2) Do they ever address headmaster NORG's final mutation form?

Chris Privitere

As far as the Squall/Laguna thing goes, no, they never address that specifically. It's one of those things you have to piece together like the Relm/Shadow thing. The NORG business, well, they do say that his race gets to look however it wants after hitting a certain age, so there you go.

How many times must I say this?
Hey there Googleshng.

First off, Brad referred to you as 'she' without the matching masculine pronoun... He's slipping. Hopefully, you don't get too many "You're a girl! You're a girl!" letters (or, more likely, "u r a grl! GRL!") Anyway, on to the question. I was browsing through fanarts recently, and I noticed there were an awful lot of Aeris & Sephiroth being together sort of things. And I was just wondering, did I MISS something? Was there ever any time when any sort of Aeris-Sephiroth connection was formed in the game, other than his sword going through her torso? Not that I remember, and it's bugging me. I don't like things going over my head. though that's happening a lot in recent Square games (FF7, Xenogears). That's another question. Do you prefer in medias res plots or plots that are interesting without reling on a big mystery of why things are happening? I guess that's it.


Actually, most people who have the frame of mind to actually think Brad knows my gender today failed to notice that he messed up the mailto so he has to deal with them. As for the connection with Aeris and Sephiroth, well, they ARE the most important characters in the game. Plus they have that whole opposite thing going with Sephy wanting to nuke the world and become a god while Aeris does the whole selfless martyr deal. That and people like them. 8)
As for plots, well, I do like the whole big confusing mystery that all comes together towards the end kind of plot (just about anything by Roger Zelazny, Xenogears) but I've seen plenty of great plotlines that keep things straightforward too. It really boils down to writing style in the end honestly... that and originallity.

3 in a row?
Hey Google! Happy Monday! <cackles> Oh! Who has no school today? Me! Me!


<sweatdrop> Anyway...

I just wanted to write in because I was wondering if anyone else felt the same way I do. When I saw that Final Fantasy IX-XI had been announced, I was thoroughly unimpressed, even a little depressed. Of course, having not even the slightest clue what the games are like or even about, I can't exactly complain about the games themselves. But I realized that the reason I wasn't excited was most likely that I was scared. For the past God-knows-how long, Squaresoft has been giving us doses of one of our most beloved RPG's at intervals. Assuming things for a minute, I would say that it has taken so long to put out the past Final Fantasies, because, aside from the natural length of time it takes to put out a game, they wanted to make their flagship series the best that it could be. Now, however, it seems like they've realized that their games make a whole ton of money. And here's what's possibly running through their heads:

"Holy sh*t! If we made *that* much money with Final Fantasy VIII, imagine what could happen if we tripled it!"

I'm not saying that Square doesn't have the ability to develop three high-quality games at the same time; that will have to be put up for debate after the games are released. I guess that my point is that I really hope to God that they *can*. I don't want to see the series' reputation go completely downhill just because Square decided to cash in.

...or maybe I'm just scared at the mere notion of a Final Fantasy 11 :)

~Kahran Ramsus

Well, let's see. FF9 has been in development for quite a while, and it looks pretty good, so there's nothing to worry about there. FF10 I know very little about, and 11 is appearently going to be an online RPG. Well, considering how absolutely huge Squaresoft, and the FF team specifically are, I can see them making 2 quality games and an online RPG pretty close together. Still, what I like about Square is their innovation, and it seems kind of weird to release that many games with, I assume, totally unique mechanics all at once basically. Especially since the first few games on a new piece of hardware tend to be lower in quality than games for an established system.


i'm baaaackkkkk!!!

- hall of fame announcer, harry carey.

Ah, the famous quicky writer returns.

Is it just me, or is Brad really, insanely twisted?
I mean, come on. " Brad "I LIKE PORK!" Lohr "? *shivers* Eghhh... You couldn't find someone who likes something normal, like haggis?

He sure is, but then, so am I... I just do a better job of hiding it in public.

Googleshng (We named a kitty after you)
Is it just me, or are Simone and Vincent of Suikoden II playing for the other team?
You know what I mean.

I wouldn't know, but I think I've heard other people say that.

will my ps2 suk when I first buy it? do I have to wait for dual-shock? ....'cause I wanna preorder.

Well, I haven't seen anything announced yet that has me drooling, but yes, the default controllers are dual-shock.

Aah! You missed a Larry Niven signing? Aah!
In pennace, you should get me a guest host spot.
Or if that's not even a remore possiblity, give it to my friend. She deserves it.
She's a girl, and likes the RPG.
Oh, yeah... Can't bribe you like Brad.

No, what I should do is let Larry Niven guest host! Somehow I doubt he'd want to though. Especially since I'm pretty darn sure he doesn't play RPGs.

Hey 10^100,

Am I insane, or is Velhart from Arc the Lad chapter 3 a 12-14 year old Sephiroth?

B. E.

Hehehe. The resemblence is there all right.


i bought the last existing copy of fft in northern california the other day!!!

-the frito bandito

Many people want you dead now... not me though.

The Last Laugh:

Another day, another picture from Cheshire Catalyst.

I remember back when I made something like that every other day... it was like 2 months ago. 8) Anyway, I'm kinda surprised that I got such a good collection of letters today with the broken mailto and all. Think I'll go watch more anime.

Googleshng "Gun-bus-TA!"
Watching Gunbuster is neat. You can pinpoint the exact second Gainax goes insane. 8)

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