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Current MMORPGs

Liv: Hello and welcome to everyone who's participating in tonight's roundtable!

Liv: The topic tonight is MMORPGs, which should prove to be quite an interesting topic.

Liv: The first sub-topic is...

Liv: What current MMORPGs are you playing, and why?

Curtis: WoW, of course.

Curtis: At least, that's what I played up until the 11th.

Curtis: I just can't run it well so I stopped playing.

Neill: Well, right now I play Guild Wars and World of Warcraft off and on.

Ross: WoW - a lot of my friends play it.

Liv: I'm currently playing Final Fantasy XI.

Rebecca: I'm not playing any right now, but I used to play MapleStory.

Derek: I stopped playing MMORPGs after a month of FFXI because they ate my life.

Liv: It is time-consuming, lol.

Curtis: Why did I play?

Curtis: I think it's the only MMO on the market that has perfected the current formula for MMO's.

Curtis: If MMO's only option was the whole point and click and point and craft system, WoW would be the leader.

Neill: I love Guild Wars because it doesn't force you to play the 'grind' part of the game before you play the top tier pve and pvp areas.

Alicia: Yeah I don't play any anymore. I used to play RO, but I just have no time.

Neill: There are a lot of things I love about World of Warcraft and a lot I hate.

Ross: Easy crafting means a harder time of selling things though. If supply goes up, demand goes down.

Neill: Demand stays the same - price drops because quantity is up. Sorry, I'm an economist...

Ross: Well, you knew what I meant.

Curtis: Haha. It's in my blood too.

Ross: I'm not an economist, I just play one on the Internet!

Curtis: Haha.

Curtis: Pick your class: Warrior, Rogue, Mage, Economist!

Liv: I've found it really hard to find a party in FFXI, and I'm a white mage!

Liv: That's one of the reasons why I don't play as much.

Ross: That's different... I thought White Mages were always in high demand.

Liv: Me too! Maybe people didn't like me...

Neill: That's another great thing about Guild Wars - finding a group is easy.

Neill: The trick is finding a group that listens...

Curtis: The thing about Guild Wars that gets old to me, though, besides doing the missions, is that there's really nothing exciting to do if you're not into pvp.

Ross: In WoW, the difficulty in finding a group depends a lot on which of the 9 classes you're playing.

Ross: For instance, Priests and Warriors can almost always find groups. Warlocks, Shaman, and Druids have a very hard time finding groups.

Neill: Druids? I didn't really notice that was a problem when I played as one.

Ross: Maybe it's only in the high level dungeons, then - they always want a Priest for healing. I dunno, Druid is the only class I've leveled up to 60 in WoW.

Neill: They have added instance style dungeons now that are a lot of fun.

Rebecca: I played MapleStory, which doesn't really put a LOT of emphasis on partying. There is a quest known as the "party quest" which can only be done if you fall between certain levels. They're almost impossible to get into at peak hours.

Rebecca: If you are a mage and you want to do the party quest in MapleStory, you're going to have people breathing down your neck saying "join me plz."

Rebecca: Especially if you're a lvl 30 mage that has just made the job class switch and are still able to party quest. They are like gods.

Neill: Oh, well I didn't play as a healer Druid.

Curtis: I am a Warlock and loving it, myself.

Liv: A few more comments and then we're gonna go on to the next sub-topic. =)

Ross: This has kind of turned into a free-for-all, hasn't it? :D

Neill: World of Warcraft has size going for it - I really love how expansive the world is. It also has the whole alliance vs. horde thing.

Rebecca: It's easier to level up in MapleStory independently than in a group. When you're in a party, you get some EXP when a member kills a monster, but the member that kills the monster gets the lion's share.

Neill: I love sneaking up on someone and then beating the crap out of them.

Derek: Heh. ^^;

Neill: MapleStory sounds like a single player RPG you play online.

Rebecca: Which is why sometimes you see this weenie weakling mage sitting around doing nothing and then you hear the level-up chord, and everyone goes "grats."

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