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Well, I think our first Roundtable was quite a success! Both of us have learned quite a bit about the whole process, so I am confident that any other Roundtables from here on out are going to just get better and better. We managed to get 3 readers during this one (which is more than I could have hoped for!) I'm thankful to everyone that participated, as they have provided us (and hopefully you readers, as well) with more insight into the realm of voice acting. We've come a long way from the blips of Nintendo, and our voice acting can only advance further and further until we are finally able to emulate reality. Again, thank you to everyone, staff and readers included, who participated, and we hope to get you guys and new members to take part in the future!

Our first Roundtable finally took place! I believe it was a major success for both of us. The topic came about simply because we were thinking of various topics we could use, but I think it really worked out quite nicely. Voice acting in games is becoming more and more popular and has become an integral part of many games, so it only seems fitting that we should have a Roundtable on it. I'm really pleased with the turn-out we got as well! Even though it was only an hour until go-time and we didn't have that many, a lot of people decided to join in towards the end, and I'm very grateful to all of them. Thanks to everyone, we were able to have a delightful Roundtable, and I hope that this will lead to more great ones in the future!

Name IRC Nick Title
Josh Martz Ourobolus Roundtable Moderator
Liv Sommerlot Chinroku_sama Roundtable Moderator
Theo Litowski Vigivalgus RPGamer Staff
Cara Lee Carabbit RPGamer Staff
Neill Smith tetracycloide Reader
Brian Welliver Nekojin Reader
David Collins Xlash Reader

This roundtable started off brilliantly. Even before starting, we could tell that it would be full of intense conversation and tantalizing tidbits to delight ears of all ages. Right from the get-go, it was down to business. This topic was one that incited many different opinions, and people weren't afraid to make them known. It was even difficult to keep everyone on the right sub-topic since there was so much to talk about! Beginning with our opinions on the current state of voice-acting (and basically any other random thoughts we had on the subject), we then went on such topics as appropriateness in games, money spent and the experience of voice actors. We ended it with where we think voice acting will go in the future. It all fit together quite nicely, in my opinion. Our cast included a variety of different voices who each had quite a lot to say. Here is a transcript of what happened:


Topic I: The Current State of Voice Acting
Topic II: Where Does Fault Lie?
Topic III: The Future of Voice Acting


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