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Evil Takeover, Part 3


Hey guys. You've stumbled into yet another part of my plan to take over this place. Soon, evil will flow over this entire site...but, you know what the one flaw in my overarching plan is? Whenever I take over something, I have to do more work. Luckily, I managed to procure a partner in crime! I'm glad to have her, and together we'll make sure to get a solid Roundtable section up and running.

Speaking of which, soon we'll be archiving all of the old roundtables, so you can view them at your leisure, but we are also going to be accepting user submissions, which I'll explain in a minute!

Hello everyone! I'm brand new here - ready and waiting to take on my job as roundtable co-host! I must admit that I'm quite excited, but also a little nervous at how everything will turn out. I hope everyone will enjoy my hapless attempts at humor while I try provide excellent discussions for the avid rpg fan to read along with my lovable co-host. Trust me, it should be quite thrilling! I hope that together we can really make these roundtables shine with tantalizing conversations about all your favorite rpg topics, so make sure to take some time to read them!

We will be adding a section of user submissions to the site, where you (yes, YOU) can send us one-on-one debates that you may be so inclined to have. Below, I've included a sample of the sort of thing we are looking for - It's a debate between J. Matthew Sloderbeck and I on the topic of PC vs. Console RPGs.

The following are the guidelines we have for this:

  1. No more than 3 topics, each no longer than 500 words.
  2. The debate must be well-written - no "LOLZ" or "OMG NOOB" allowed - please use capitalization and punctuation (it's mostly for our benefit...the less we have to edit, the sooner it goes up! ^^).
  3. Keep it clean. Swearing will be removed if we see it, and in some cases, we will just drop the debate entirely.
  4. When you submit it, please include both parties' full names, email addresses, and handles.
  5. Please submit all files in .txt format.

Those guidelines are subject to change, as this is merely an experiment at this point. To submit a debate, please send them to us.

U P C O M I N G    R O U N D T A B L E

We are going to be having the next roundtable on March 15th, 2006, at 6:00 PST. If you would like to take part, please follow the application guidelines that can be found here. Come join us in IRC (#rpgamer channel), and be a part of RPGamer's next Roundtable!


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