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Precious Metals July 6th, 2008

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Closing Time

[07/06/2008]   Congratulations Anna Marie Neufeld on achieving Platinum status!

As you all know, here at Points of View we have a color scale that shows how many reviews any given contributer has provided It starts with copper at 5 reviews, silver at 15, gold at 30, and platinum at 50. Reaching platinum is a monumental feat, one only accomplished by nine other individuals. This puts Paws at number ten!

This is a particularly monumental occasion, as Anna Marie was, in fact, the founder of Points of View, and without her initial efforts this section of RPGamer would not be what it is today. This is an achievement eight years in the making. It also meant searching through eight years of Points of View archives in order to find these reviews, which I totally hold against her (just kidding, Paws!) I am happy to present a history of Anna Marie's contributions to the site: her first, fifth, fifteenth, thirtieth, forty-ninth and fiftieth reviews.

So, once again, congratulations Anna Marie "Paws" Neufeld. Here's to another eight years and fifty more reviews!

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