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Daddy Wasn't There June 15th, 2008

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Closing Time

[06/15/2008]   Today is Father's Day, and in recognition of the fine work all our fathers have done, Points of View is proud to salute some of the important RPG fathers of our time. Also, spoiler warnings, so if you haven't yet and intend to play Disgaea, Odin Sphere, Wild ARMs 4, Tales of Symphonia, or Final Fantasy X, read no further.

Laharl, son of Krichevskoy

First up we have... well, this is Laharl, son of King Krichevskoy. The Netherworld must not believe in cameras, as I was unable to procure a photograph of the late Overlord, who sadly passed away after choking on a dumpling two years ago. However, without his father's tragic passing, Laharl might never have assumed the throne, leading to many zany adventures!


A father's day tribute wouldn't be complete without mentioning the All-Father, Odin. His daughter, Gwendolyn, is a valkyrie in his army. Only a truly loving father would send his daughter off to war.

Jude, Hauser's son

Once again I could not find a picture of Hauser, Jude of Wild ARMs 4's father. Not only did Hauser not even know he had a son, but before the game is through he even tries to kill him! Such fatherly love is truly a rare thing.

Kratos Aurion

Next up is Kratos Aurion, father of Tales of Symphonia hero Lloyd Irving. A father at two thousand years old, Kratos is a testament to the incredible powers of Ex-Spheres. And viagra.


Finally, who could forget Jecht, arguably the most important dad in a RPG ever. How cool would it be to brag to all your friends that your dad is not only a famous Blitzball player, but a giant sea monster hell-bent on destroying the world? He's also one of the most memorable and significant boss battles in the history of Final Fantasy.

Well, that about wraps it up. Happy Father's Day everyone. This week's reviews are for Xenogears, Madou Monogatari, Drone Tactics, and Summon Night: Twin Age.

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