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Newbies April 27th, 2008

Arc the Lad - Reader Re-Retroview
In the beginning... 3.0/5 Reader Review Jeremy Michael Gallen
Rogue Galaxy - Staff Retroview
Oh Yes, Space is Expansive. It's Also Vapid. 2.5/5 Staff Review Ethan "Ethos" Pipher
Orcs and Elves DS - Staff Review
Why do all the Dwarves Look the Same? 3.0/5 Staff Review Stew Shearer
Brave Story: New Traveler - Staff Review
Are You Braver Than a Fifth Grader? 4.0/5 Staff Review Adriaan den Ouden

Closing Time

[04/27/2008]   As soon as I picked up The World Ends With You, I couldn't put it down. You can expect a review shortly (by which I mean a few hours from now), but for those interested, I highly recommend it for the story alone. The gameplay is a little less than perfect, but still quite fun. Now to get started on Persona 3 FES. That should only take 140 hours or so.

I'd like to welcome our new staff reviewer Ethan "Ethos" Pipher to the team. His first review is for Rogue Galaxy.

Editorialist Stew Shearer has also written his first review, for Orcs and Elves DS. In addition to those, we also have Arc the Lad and Brave Story: New Traveler.

Now Playing: The World Ends With You, Patapon, and Persona 3 FES



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