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Deification April 20th, 2008

Final Fantasy VII - Reader Re-Retroview
The Electric Company 4.0/5 Reader Review Jeremy Michael Gallen
Izuna: Legend of the Unemployed Ninja - Reader Retroview
Some Ninjas Should Stay Unemployed 2.0/5 Reader Review 7thCircle
Fatal Labyrinth - Reader Retroview
Truth in Advertising 1.0/5 Reader Review JuMeSyn
Final Fantasy Tactics: The War of the Lions - Staff Review
Not Lion Down 4.0/5 Staff Review Michael "Macstorm" Cunningham

Closing Time

[04/20/2008]   Upon asking for suggestions as to what game to play next, I received exactly one endorsement for each of the games on my list. As that really didn't help me at all, I decided to take a completely alternate route and picked up Okami for the Wii, and it was unquestionably the right decision. It is an incredible game and I truly wish I hadn't passed it up on the PS2, although I suspect my personal playstyle preferences would have leaned more to the Wii controls anyways.

In addition, while I was picking that up I noticed that my local EB had received a new shipment of Patapon, so I grabbed that one as well to play at work on my breaks. Though I haven't gotten too far in yet, it has a certain charm that I can't help but like. Also, the two games I am now playing both place me as some sort of god, and thus I must assume them correct. You all may worship me as you see fit. Daily offerings of reviews would do much to appease my wrath.

This week we have all new reviews, and hopefully that trend will continue, because I consider it a waste of space to repost indexed reviews here. Final Fantasy VII, Fatal Labyrinth, Izuna, and Final Fantasy Tactics. Enjoy!

Now Playing: Okami and Patapon



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