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Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes April 13th, 2008

.hack//Infection - Reader Re-Retroview
The World Is Not Enough 3.0/5 Reader Review Jeremy Michael Gallen
Wild ARMs 5 - Reader Review [We Want Your Arms Contest Entry]
You got Sci-Fi in my Western 3.0/5 Reader Review 7thCircle
Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII - Staff Review
Unobtainable Dreams 3.5/5 Staff Review Adriaan den Ouden
Astonishia Story - Staff Retroview
Astonishing it Ain't 1.5/5 Staff Review Sean Kepper

Closing Time

[04/13/2008]   Lots to talk about today so let's get started.

First of all, we have a new reader reviewer today going by the alias 7thCircle. His first review is also a "We Wants Your Arms" contest entry. There is still one more day to get submissions in for this contest, so anyone who's interested in a possible free copy of Wild ARMs XF on the PSP should hurry up and enter.

Next up, as you probably noticed with the recent Wild ARMs XF review, we've made some changes to the template. After reading feedback from all you readers out there, we made a few minor alterations and have finalized the version we're going to use. The new template can now be downloaded from its usual spot in both text and HTML formats. The review ratings definitions have been updated to define the new standardized challenge ratings. Hopefully these changes will help to make our reviews clearer for everyone. The Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII review in this week's update is using this finalized template.

Any reviews in my backlog making use of the older template will be posted as is, but any reviews sent from this point forward should make use of the new one. If you have an unposted review still waiting, feel free to update it and resubmit it if you're so inclined.

A promotion! With his Opoona and Astonishia Story review, Sean "Gorne" Kepper has officially reached Silver status! Congratulations, Gorne!

Finally... I'm not playing any games! After plowing through FF7CC and finishing Wild ARMs XF, I destroyed Brave Story: New Traveler in just 3 days, and now I'm not sure what to play next. I only have about 10 days before The World Ends With You comes out, so it's a tough decision. I don't want to get wrapped up in a lengthy game. Help me decide: Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings, finishing off Odin Sphere, or perhaps diving into No More Heroes. Those are the three choices I've narrowed it down to.

Anyways, this week we have .hack//Infection, Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII, Astonishia Story, and Wild ARMs 5. See you next week.

Now Playing: Nothing! Help me pick a game!



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