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Another Year May 17th, 2007

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Closing Time

[05/17/2006]   Happy Birthday! Points of View is now a whole seven years old! That means it's super update time! There aren't a whole lot of reviews since we just had a big batch and are about to have another batch in a few days, nor is there a whole lot special this time, unfortunately. No major archive rehauls or anything. Then again, there isn't that much that really needs upgrading anymore, which is nice. I do have some ideas for something cool, but they're going to take a massive amount of work. Next year, maybe. I did make a few tweaks to the review template, but I won't be able to upload it until I get back from my trip this weekend.

   Moving on. You've heard from them in reviews and occasionally the forums, but here's a chance for some of our reviewers to say a few words. Well, I guess you saw Paws update this section too, if you've been around a long time, but I digress. Here they are:

   CactuarJoe: Seven years! Not a bad stretch of time, no matter how you look at it. The site's gone through a lot of changes in its time, but Points of View has persisted due to one thing - the efforts of our readers. Seriously, this is going to sound a bit maudlin, but we wouldn't be half the section we are today without reader input, submissions, and yelling. So let's hear it for everyone who's contributed to the section in the last seven years, and for everyone who will contribute in the next seven!

   Ishmael: Seven years and Points of View is still going strong! As one of the more recent additions to the staff reviewing team, I'm happy to see that arguments and debates are still consistently spawned from every review, and that there are still brand new reviews delivered every single week. I strongly encourage anyone who hasn't tried writing a review yet to go for it - we all have opinions, and there's nothing more satisfying than seeing your name in print. As long as there are RPGs, there will be criticisms and complements for them, and PoV exists and will continue to exist so that anyone, no matter who they are, can put their opinions online for the entire world to see.

   Paws: I always end up sitting down to write this and feeling a little sappy. Seven years is more than I'd imagined, just as six, five, and four were. I'm especially pleased to be able to submit a review for the birthday update after having a pretty long review drought so far this year. Thank you to everyone who's written a review, and thank you to everyone who's read one as well. Thank you Derek for taking the time and care to nurture the section during the easy and tough times. Happy birthday Points of View!

   Also, in addition to the reviews and blurbs posted above, we have our annual PoV awards and statistics:

Review Breakdown:
  • 170 Novice Reviewers - 273 Reviews
  • 22 Copper Reviewers - 167 Reviews
  • 10 Silver Reviewers - 202 Reviews
  • 6 Gold Reviewers - 226 Reviews
  • 8 Platinum Reviewers - 678 Reviews
  • 961 Reader Reviews
  • 91 Unofficial Staff Reviews
  • 494 Official Staff Reviews
  • Total Reviews: 1546
    Total Reviewers: 216
    Total Games Reviewed: 461

       I don't know about you, but looking at what's the same and what's different compared to previous years is kind of interesting for me to see. Anyway, that pretty much wraps things up for this year. As always, I'd like to thank you for all your support and helping to make this section what it is. Let's make next year even better!

    Derek 'Roku' Cavin celebrates!



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