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A Little Explanation June 11th, 2006

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Closing Time

[06/11/2006]   Alright, now that I've confused a lot of you with the taco saga, I'll explain it for you. It's something random I thought up while getting a snack around 3 or 4am one of the nights during E3. When I'm overworked, my mind tends to wander. Combine this with me being hungry, and, well, you saw the results. I wasn't going to post it at first, but I couldn't think of anything else interesting to post a few weeks ago. It was oddly popular at first, so I figured "eh" and posted the whole thing.

   Right, so, to explain...tako, not taco, means octopus. Also, that language is Japanese, not French. For some reason someone thought I put the taco in the microwave. This isn't true, I said toaster. Hard shelled tacos fit perfectly in toasters, though don't turn it on or bad things might happen to your toaster. Anyway, if you have any more questions, feel free to ask.

   Before we wrap up for the week, I have two announcements. First, congrats to madhtr for reaching copper. Second, I'm finally done filling in gaps with my old reader reviews, so you can look forward to something fresh from me starting next week.

Derek 'Roku' Cavin has finals now...



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