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Ding! (Taco Saga, Finale) June 4th, 2006

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Closing Time

[06/04/2006]   Well, last week was great, but this week probably won't excite many of you aside from Alethea's Shadow Hearts 2 review. I'm just filling in staff gaps with old, dusted-off reader reviews. Sure we have the taco saga's finale below, but I decided to share something else with you since I've actually been asked about this. Asked about what? My workspace! Here's the desk, though you'll probably find this part more interesting. Yes, that's PE2 back there. I haven't forgotten my promise to review it.

   Now the taco saga conclusion! I'm sure you're all curious as to the effects of the combined powers of tacos and toasters. I am too. Let's check the experiment, shall we? Interesting...a taco can indeed fit in a toaster. Both sides at the same time even. Taco, octopus,'s as if it were meant to be.

Derek 'Roku' Cavin has enjoyed this bizarre storyline...



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