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Short for Octopus? (Taco Saga, Part II) May 28th, 2006

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Closing Time

[05/28/2006]   Okay, I've gotten emails about this, (zero is plural, right?) and all of them are asking something like "How is taco short for octopus? You're a crazy, crazy person!" Why yes, I am. But I digress. How is taco short for octopus? The answer is simple! It's French! French...toast. But you can't put it in toasters like normal French toast...or can you? The answer next week!

   In contest news, Karlinn has once again gained a narrow victory. As this is the end of the month and has the lead, he is the victor for May. Congrats good sir.

   Also, before anyone says anything...yes, I know it's spelled tako and isn't French or toast.

Derek 'Roku' Cavin says Taco...



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