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NASA Ninja April 30th, 2006

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Closing Time

[04/30/2006]   Once again I have to ask, what happened to everyone? We went from several entries a week to none. Did everyone give up for the month or something? I have to assume that's the case due to Otterland's lead. The results are: Otterland won with 35, Solon is second with 9, and Poorguy171 is in third with 7. All totals reset and Otterland wins the prize for this month. Duke: we'll contact you shortly.

   Ninjas are cool. I'd prefer not to get into the whole pirates and ninjas thing since pirates are cool too, but how cool would it be to be some kind of ninja given special powers by NASA? You could like, fly around with rockets, ninja on other planets, and do ninja spying from outer space. Yeah, that'd be cool.

Derek 'Roku' Cavin wants to be a NASA Ninja...



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