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Salad of Illusions March 26th, 2006

Vagrant Story - Reader Re-Retroview
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Shining Force III - Staff Retroview
A Shining Past 4.0/5 Staff Review Michael 'Macstorm' Cunningham
Alundra - Staff Re-Retroview
Look Out Link 4.5/5 Staff Review Derek 'Roku' Cavin

Closing Time

[03/26/2006]   As I'm sure many of you have noticed by now, April Fools Day is less than a week away. As some of you may or may not know, a few years ago we used to post Spoof Reviews. Many of these were quite amusing, and I would like to restore this wonderful tradition this year. As such, a few members of review staff will be writing them, and it'd be awesome if you would share your sense of humor with us. This time around, you can review anything. No longer are you limited to RPGs or video games. As long as it's appropriate, you can mine it for comedy gold. If you want to be included this year, you'll need to send it in by 6pm Pacific on March 31st.

Derek 'Roku' Cavin prepares the antics....



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