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1 + 3 != 7 February 19th, 2006

Dragon Warrior - Reader Retroview
Textbook RPG 3.0/5 Reader Review Lucky Melchior
Radiata Stories - Reader Review
Jack Russell's Ridin' Spinnaz, Also Coattails 4.0/5 Reader Review Karlinn
Drakengard 2 - Staff Review
A New Breed 4.0/5 Staff Review Billy 'madhtr' Young
Quest for Glory - Staff Retroview
No Experience Necessary 4.0/5 Staff Review Tyler Willis

Closing Time

[02/19/2006]   Quite a diverse selection of reviews for you this week. Luckily none of them have anything to do with the math and/or boolean operation encompassed in this week's title.

   This week's chain of memories front-page-worthy staff reviews continues for its second week with a review of Drakengard 2. Even if you already noticed that review on the main index, we still have a few others for your sampling from staff and reader alike. Enjoy.

   Before I wrap up this week's column, I should probably mention that our next contest is in its later stages of design. I received several good contest ideas from Lucky Melchior earlier today that I'd like to implement though, so bear with us while I make a few last-minute adjustments. With any luck we'll launch within the next few weeks.

Derek 'Roku' Cavin uses the power of math to fight...plaque...?



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