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Fusion August 14th, 2005

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Closing Time

[08/14/2005]   This has been a pretty busy week for me. School is starting soon and the deadline for signing up for classes approaches quickly. Time to enjoy the rest of summer as much as possible ^^.

   In case anyone missed it last week, Michael Beckett has joined the staff now as a reviewer. Be sure to wish him a warm welcome.

   Okay, mini-impression time: more Wild ARMs 3. First of all, I have to say that I'm enjoying it more than the other games in the series so far. The storyline is really picking up and the battle system is fun. Being able to avoid battles several times in a row if I don't feel like fighting for some reason is always nice too. Of course, it is not without fault: the system of searching the world map endlessly in hopes of finding a town or dungeon gets old very quickly.

   In contest news, Otterland has the lead with nine reviews. Second place is currently held by tylerwillis with seven and third by kupomogli with six. It's still anybody's game since two posters will be given out in addition to the grand prize. Just don't sacrifice quality for quantity or you'll probably find your reviews rejected.

   Until next week...

Derek 'Roku' Cavin learns the double sword style of Musashi...



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