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Points of View Gold Remix June 19th, 2005

Sword of Mana - Retroview
Mana Sword Swing... and a miss. 2.0/5 Reader Review tylerwillis
Stella Deus - Review
The Gate of Eternity and Catacombs of Boredom 2.0/5 Reader Review kupomogli
Shadow Hearts: Covenant - Review
Cool Judas 4.0/5 Reader Review Michael Beckett
Legend of Zelda: Link to the Past - Retroview
A Link Well Made 3.5/5 Reader Review Otterland
Wild ARMs 3 - Retroview
Living, Loving, and Fighting 4.0/5 Staff Review Cortney Stone
Disgaea: Hour of Darkness - Retroview
This Ain't Your Granny's Hell, Dood! 4.0/5 Staff Review Andrew Long

Closing Time

[06/19/2005]   Phew, I did a bit of everything this week, but I'm back now.

   I hinted at it last week, but Red Raven has decided to donate some prizes to go along with our contest. Of course, only the top reader reviewers will earn them. Anyway, here's Red Raven with the explanation:

   When Points of View first opened its doors five years ago, the thing that compelled me to start writing reviews was the reader contest to Gold. Fifteen reviews seemed so close and yet so daunting at the same time. What I quickly discovered as the race began heating up was that I genuinely enjoyed writing reviews. Once I reached Gold status and won the contest, I found that the true reward was the discovery of a joy of writing that has helped propel me ever onward in both my personal and collegiate life. Of course, being able to borrow three of Paws' games for two years was icing on the cake.

   Now that I am on the Points of View staff, I feel a responsibility to try to kindle (or rekindle) the same feeling I had so many years ago into the next generation of reviewers. Until now, I did not really know how it would be possible to have a similar contest, since all the milestones have long since been achieved. Well, my recent semester spent studying in Japan has given me some ideas and some prizes that I believe might help. So, I now present to you the Points of View Gold Remix Challenge.

   The challenge is quite simple: be one of the first readers to submit 15 reviews by December 31st at 12:00 AM EST. These reviews can be of new games or old ones, but re-reviews do not count - they must be new submissions. The contest is open to any reader regardless of how many prior reviews you have written. The first person to 15 reviews gets his/her choice out of two posters for FF7 Advent Children, and the second one gets the other one. The first poster can be seen here and the second here.

   Additionally, the first person who manages to write 30 reviews within that time period wins the ultimate prize: my Sephiroth 1/8 Scale Cold-Cast Resin Statue, still in the box. I bought this guy in Japan for about $50, marked down from $100+ since the store was going out of business. If Sephiroth is not your thing, you can opt to borrow three games out of my collection for up to one year instead. In all cases where mailing is involved, I will ship the items to anywhere in the continental United States free of charge. If you live abroad, we will have to discuss shipping terms on a case by case basis.

   Reviews will be counted based on the time and date they were submitted, but the reviews still have to follow all the standard rules for submission. In other words, if your review is rejected, it will not count until it is corrected, then resubmitted and approved. Only reviews submitted after this update count towards your total. Other than that, good luck and happy reviewing.

   Now for the reviews. The same reader reviewers return this week, but this time around they have reviewed Sword of Mana, Stella Deus, Shadow Hearts: Covenant, and Legend of Zelda: Link to the Past respectively. On the staff side, Alethea has reviewed Wild ARMs 3 which she recently completed and Castomel shares his opinion of Disgaea. Enjoy.

   Until next week...

Derek 'Roku' Cavin notes that visible text just isn't the same...



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