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Freedom May 29th, 2005

Suikoden IV - Review
Suckoden 2.0/5 Reader Review kupomogli
Rhapsody: A Musical Adventure - Retroview
Nippon Ichi's First RPG, and It Shows 1.5/5 Reader Review Otterland
Jade Empire - Review
Kiii-yaaa!!!! 4.0/5 Staff Review Jennifer Bradley
Dark Cloud - Retroview
*Tinkle Crack SLAM* 3.0/5 Staff Review Anna Marie Whitehead

Closing Time

[05/29/2005]   It seems the battle is heating up now that finals have ended for many of us. Each side has written two reviews this week.

   On the reader's side we have a review of Suikoden IV from the returning copper reviewer kupomogli. The other one is, of course, from the Duke of Otterland and is of the musical RPG Rhapsody. The two staff reviews we have this week are from Strangefairy and Paws. They have reviewed Jade Empire and Dark Cloud respectively. Enjoy.

   I should note that I've also made a very minor tweak to the look of the review template. Don't worry if you already sent in reviews that haven't been posted yet, I'll take care of them for you.

   Until next week...

Derek 'Roku' Cavin enjoys Summer...



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