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Readers versus Staff May 1st, 2005

Dragon Warrior IV - Re-Retroview
The Chosen Ones 2.0/5.0 Reader Review Otterland
Dragon Warrior VII - Re-Retroview
Warriors of Eden 3.5/5.0 Reader Review Otterland
Dual Hearts - Re-Retroview
Double the Disappointment 1.0/5.0 Reader Review Otterland
Arcanum - Retroview
Two Rights Make a Wrong 2/5 Staff Review Simon Seamann

Closing Time

[05/01/2005]   Readers versus Staff: who will win?

   Unlike previous challenges that have been fairly small in scale, this one will be very large. How would you guys like to win some massive bragging rights by defeating us staff at our own game? Here's the deal: starting right after this update, any reviews or retroviews (that meet the standards) from staff and readers will go into a respective tally for each. Re-reviews and re-retroviews do not count. At the end of the year, the side with the most reviews wins. If you reader reviewers manage to win, you'll earn some pretty awesome bragging rights. We obviously can't give our any kind of traditional prize to every single person that writes in during the next seven or so months, so here's what we're going to do: we're going to let you guys suggest some "prizes" that we can give to everyone. Want me to play through some horrid game and review it for you? Have a beautiful art request for our fanart curator kweee? Or perhaps you want the opposite: demeaning artwork so you can make fun of us? Do you want Castomel to write a spoof review of how much he loves Rhapsody even though it is his mortal enemy? Perhaps all of the above plus more? We'll even sing Karaoke if you want. Make some requests and let us know! Bragging rights are just the beginning. Just don't expect us to go down without a fight. After all, I'm pretty sure none of us want to do any of that if we can avoid it.

This week's review don't count for the challenge, but we do have another four for your reading pleasure. Otterland starts us off with re-retroviews of Dragon Warriors IV and VII and has also revised his opinion on the action RPG Dual Hearts. The last review in today's update is from Red Raven who has reviewed Arcanum. Enjoy.

   Until next week...

Derek 'Roku' Cavin gets started...



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